East Asian-Americans Leading the Charge in U.S Robotics Industry Startups

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The advent of technology has fueled innovation across industries, and at the forefront of this innovation surge is the robotics industry. The field has seen a noteworthy influx of dynamic players, many of which are led by East Asian founders. This represents a progressive shift in an industry often dominated by mainstream Western startups, where East Asian founders offer a rich diversity of ideas, experiences, and perspectives. In this edition, we present the best startups in the robotics industry founded by East-Asian entrepreneurs.


Fashion meets technology at unspun, a pioneering startup based in San Francisco, California, United States. Established by Elizabeth Esponnette, Kevin Martin, and Walden Lam, unspun operates in the realm of 3D technology, robotics, and e-commerce. They’re revolutionizing the clothing industry with their unique approach to custom jeans, manufactured on-demand for each customer. The goal? A whopping reduction of global carbon emissions by 1%. You can further connect with Unspun on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.

Creative Ventures

At the heart of Oakland, California sits Creative Ventures, a startup looking to solve humanity’s major issues with the help of robotics, computer vision, advanced materials, and more. Alastair Trueger, Champ Suthipongchai, and James Wang are the minds behind this pioneering startup that focuses on early-stage investments in deep tech companies. Stay in the loop with Creative Ventures by following their Linkedin and Twitter profiles.

Utopia Communities

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Utopia Communities is leveraging the power of Apps, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, and more, and is packed by founder Grant Smith. Utopia aims to be the “Google of Real Estate,” offering innovative solutions in commercial real estate, construction, and data center automation. Join Utopia Community’s journey on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Bridging conventional barriers, Refiberd, based in Cupertino, California, uses AI and robotics to sort and recycle textiles. Founders Mingyue (Ida) Wang, Sarika Bajaj, and Tushita Gupta, aim to produce eco-friendly and cost-effective threads from discarded textiles. You can also connect with their team on Linkedin.


On the East Coast, operating out of New York, New York, Mobot is the brainchild of Eden Full Goh. This startup offers end-to-end mobile QA solutions using supervised, mechanical robots to test mobile and web apps on actual devices. Gain more insights about Mobot on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles.


Petronics, nestled in Champaign, Illinois, United States, crafts robotic pets for cats, marking an entirely unique niche in the robotics and telecommunications industry. Founders Dave Cohen and David Jun have pioneered a robotic toy called Mousr, equipped with 360-degree vision, sensing capabilities, and Bluetooth features. Join Petronics’ journey on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.

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