4 Warning Signs That You’re Overwatering a Cannabis Plant

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4 Warning Signs That You’re Overwatering a Cannabis Plant

Every plant communicates when something’s not quite right. As you start caring for cannabis plants at home, it’s important to know the best way to care for them.

A common issue people encounter across all plants is overwatering. Look for these four warning signs that you’re overwatering a cannabis plant so that you can avoid harming your plant.

Drooping Leaves

Oxygen and water are two of the most important components for successfully growing plants. For most plants, excess water and a lack of oxygen will cause many problems.

One sign that indicates you’re overwatering a cannabis plant is drooping leaves. Plants’ leaves naturally move up and down, but this symptom demonstrates that something is wrong with the plant. If you turn the lights on and the leaves continue to droop, you’ll know you overwatered the plant.

Yellowing or Browning Leaves

Another side effect of overwatering is nutrient deficiency. When too much water is present within the soil, the plant does not have enough access to oxygen to absorb these essential nutrients. If this occurs, you’ll notice the leaves of the cannabis plant begin to brown at the edges or turn completely yellow.

Developing Mold

Excessive water paired with poor air circulation will lead to mold growth. Many people experience this issue in their homes, but it can happen to plants as well.

Mold is very harmful to the plant. It can rot the roots and leaves and is very difficult to treat. If you notice mold, remove the spots from the plant carefully. Use a fungicide to entirely remove the mold and promote healthy growth in the future. From there, you should change your watering method to minimize the risk of developing mold again.

Root Rot

When you notice mold or drooping leaves, the plant is likely to develop root rot as well. If you pour too much water into the soil, the water has nowhere to go. Instead, it pools in the soil, and the plant soaks up the water.

Some people think it’s a good thing! Extra water at the ready to hydrate the plant as it needs it. But overwatering has the opposite effect. It can rot the entire foundation of a cannabis plant.

Too much water within the soil can limit the plant’s access to oxygen. The pooling water drowns the plant and causes roots to turn brown and slimy. Rotting roots might emit an unpleasant smell.

How Can You Avoid Overwatering?

One helpful thing you can do to prevent these various issues from occurring is to place the plant in a pot with drainage holes. These holes allow the plant to absorb just the right amount of water and discard the rest. You want to ensure there’s enough air circulating through the plant to avoid root rot.

Water the cannabis plants every two to three days. If you notice the soil appears especially dry before two or three days, the plant might need a larger pot.

Don’t forget about these essential tools to grow cannabis to help the growing process. Items like pH meters and LED lighting will help promote growth and allow you to closely monitor the quality of the plant.

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