East Asian Innovation: 26 New York Startups Revolutionizing the Business Landscape

Empowering Voices: How These East Asian Founded Startups are Shaping a Progressive Future
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Key Takeaways:

  • 26 innovative startups in New York, founded by East Asian entrepreneurs, are transforming various industries.
  • These companies excel in areas ranging from technology and healthcare to fashion and social media.
  • Each startup embodies a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and progressive values.

In a world where diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognized as catalysts for innovation and progress, East Asian entrepreneurs in New York City are making significant strides. This article highlights 26 groundbreaking startups, each founded by East Asian visionaries, who are not just thriving in their respective fields but are also championing the values of equality, accessibility, and social empowerment.

1. Shine: Empowering Mental Health through Tech

Founded by Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi in 2016, Shine stands out as a self-care app specifically designed for individuals grappling with anxiety and depression. This platform delivers daily motivational messages and self-care strategies, contributing significantly to mental wellness in today’s fast-paced world.

2. Spring Health: Revolutionizing Employer-Based Mental Health Care

Launched by Abhishek Chandra, Adam Chekroud, and April Koh in 2016, Spring Health is changing how employers support mental health. Using Precision Mental Healthcare, the platform offers personalized mental health solutions, ranging from digital support to therapy and medication.

3. Pinwheel: Innovating Payroll Data Connectivity

In 2018, Anish Basu, Curtis Lee, and Kurtis Lin founded Pinwheel, a leading payroll data connectivity platform. Pinwheel is reshaping financial services by simplifying income and employment verification and direct deposit switching.

4. Pepper: Digitalizing the Food Supply Chain

Pepper, founded in 2019 by Bowie Cheung, Chetan Narain, and Ivana Tesanovic, is revolutionizing the food supply chain with its digital operating system. This platform enhances the efficiency and connectivity of food distributors and retailers.

5. Lithic: Reimagining Financial Transactions with Virtual Cards

Boling Jiang, David Nichols, and Jason Kruse established Lithic in 2014, a fintech startup providing virtual cards and a card issuing platform. Lithic focuses on enhancing privacy and security in financial transactions.

6. Thoropass: Simplifying Compliance Management

Founded in 2019 by Austin Ogilvie, Eva Pittas, and Sam Li, Thoropass offers a compliance automation platform. This startup helps companies navigate complex audits and maintain compliance with various information security and privacy frameworks.

7. Boxed: Revolutionizing Online Bulk Grocery Shopping

Chieh Huang, Christopher Cheung, Jared Yaman, and William Fong founded Boxed in 2013. This online grocery retailer offers a wholesale club experience without membership fees, making bulk shopping accessible and convenient.

8. FreeWill: Democratizing Estate Planning

In 2016, Jennifer Xia and Patrick Schmitt founded FreeWill, an online service providing free legal forms and information for estate planning. This startup makes it easier for individuals to support causes and people they care about.

9. Leverage: AI-Powered Supply Chain Management

Andrew Stroup and Nadav Ullman established Leverage in 2018. The company offers AI-driven insights and management across supply chains, revolutionizing how businesses handle supplier performance and cost savings.

10. Glyphic Biotechnologies: Advancing Protein Sequencing

Founded in 2021 by Daniel Estandian and Joshua Yang, Glyphic Biotechnologies develops a cutting-edge protein sequencing platform. This biotech startup is unlocking new biological and disease insights through its innovative technology.

11. Hype: Empowering Creators with Marketing and Payment Solutions

Jason Bade and Nick Chen launched Hype in 2016. This platform offers creators and small business entrepreneurs tools to transform their social media audience into a thriving business.

12. Stuf: Redefining Self-Storage for the Modern Era

In 2020, Adam Demuyakor, Andrew Balogh, Atit Jariwala, and Katharine Lau founded Stuf, a next-generation self-storage startup. Stuf partners with real estate owners to utilize underused spaces, offering convenient and accessible storage solutions.

13. Caper: Innovating the Retail Experience with AI

Lindon Gao and York Yang founded Caper in 2016. This startup focuses on autonomous retail solutions, such as smart shopping carts, using deep learning and computer vision to transform the physical shopping experience.

14. ADAY: Crafting the Future of Fashion

Nina Faulhaber and Meg He established ADAY in 2015, a direct-to-consumer brand creating technically advanced and consciously designed clothing. ADAY represents the intersection of fashion, innovation, and sustainability.

15. Repool: Democratizing Private Fund Management

Justin Carrao and Kevin Fu launched Repool in 2021. This fund services provider combines Silicon Valley technology with traditional fund services expertise, offering a new approach to private fund management.

16. Mobot: Revolutionizing Mobile App Testing with Robotics

Eden Full Goh founded Mobot in 2018. This QA-as-a-service platform uses mechanical robots for testing mobile apps, combining automated and manual QA for more thorough and effective testing processes.

17. Arise: Addressing the Stigma of Eating Disorders

Founded in 2022, Arise is a mental health service focusing on eating disorders. It offers virtual treatment pathways and community support, working towards inclusive and accessible care for all affected individuals.

18. Fairygodboss: Empowering Women in the Workplace

Georgene Huang and Romy Newman founded Fairygodboss in 2015. This career community platform for women provides resources for professional growth and connects employers with talented women.

19. IAMBIC: Personalizing Footwear with AI Technology

Chaudhry Raza Hassan and Maeve Wang launched IAMBIC in 2020. Recognized for its AI-driven, precision-fit footwear, IAMBIC is redefining shoe sizing and offering bespoke comfort.

20. BKCoin Capital: Innovating in Digital Asset Management

Carlos Betancourt and Kevin Kang founded BKCoin Capital in 2018. This digital asset hedge fund focuses on delivering consistent returns through systematic arbitrage strategies in the cryptocurrency market.

21. Skye: Enhancing Personal and Professional Development

Founded in 2021 by Gabriel Chen, Jessica Wolf, and Tony Lin, Skye offers coaching and advisory services. It connects individuals with coaches for personal and professional growth, emphasizing leadership and ambition.

22. Playground: Creating Inclusive Social Digital Spaces

In 2019, Linda (Jia Ling) Yang founded Playground, a web 3 social platform. It focuses on connecting people to community and each other through shared interests and digital experiences.

23. Seek: Connecting Tastemakers with Consumers

Founded by Giff Carter and Shanna Liu in 2020, Seek is a content platform that connects consumers with tastemakers for trusted leisure recommendations, from dining to travel experiences.

24. OCEANIX: Pioneering Sustainable Floating Cities

Itai Madamombe and Marc Collins Chen launched OCEANIX in 2018. This bluetech company designs and builds sustainable floating cities, offering innovative solutions for living on the ocean.

25. Buzzer: Transforming Sports Media Consumption

Founded in 2020 by Bo Han, Buzzer leverages proprietary technology to enhance direct-to-consumer platforms in sports. It focuses on delivering live sports moments in a fan-centric manner, particularly appealing to Gen Z audiences.

26. OneEleven: Advancing Financial Wellness and Happiness

Dani Pascarella founded OneEleven in 2017. This financial wellness platform assists individuals and businesses in achieving financial happiness and health, emphasizing a balanced approach to personal finance and wellness.

In conclusion, these 26 East Asian founded startups in New York City are not just pioneering in their respective domains; they are also setting new standards for inclusivity, diversity, and social responsibility in the business world. Each company, with its unique vision and innovative approach, is contributing to a more equitable and progressive future.

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