Ethical Product Review: FLUX Period-Proof Underwear – Bikini

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Upgrade your period with FLUX period-proof underwear, designed to be used instead of disposable pads and tampons. Made with soft and sustainable tencel modal, the bikini style period pants are comfortable to wear, and will hold up to four tampons worth of liquid. The pants feature a lace trim too keep your underwear looking cute too! Suitable for vegans and free from any synthetic fragrances, parabens and other nasty chemicals.

The period pants are made with a moisture-wicking soft top layer to keep you fresh and dry, a second anti-microbial layer to keep you clean, and a leak proof breathable PUL barrier – perfect for periods, leaks and incontinence.

FLUX undies use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and the pants are ethically made in China, in a family run factory that is ISO and BSCI approved, where employees are given proper pay and adequate rest breaks.

FLUX Period-Proof Underwear – Bikini Review:

These undies arrive packaged in branded packaging and shipped in a cardboard box within a padded envelope. There’re no plastic waste of any kind with this company, which I really appreciate, and you’ll always know where your order has traveled to. Within the packaging, there’s a plastic bag containing the undies, and a cardboard insert explaining the product range.

The undies are in various sizes, made of a nice soft cotton and are amazingly comfortable. I’ve worn mine a lot since I got them and they don’t seem to be getting any easier to stink up. You don’t realise that you even have them on, until you realise you’ve done a few squats and they haven’t moved.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the underwear, because I tend to use tampons regularly when my period is a bit heavy, and the undies don’t hold them that well at all. However, they don’t really smell that much, no odour whatsoever when you’re wearing them, and they bear up pretty well to a bit of washing. I don’t think I’ll be replacing my tampons with these undies anytime soon, but I will definitely wear them during my period.

Flux Underwear – Bikini Review:

Seriously – dont these look nice? They are really cute and they fit perfectly. My favourite pairs are definitely the blue and purple bikinis. I wear these when I am not at work or home, nothing is sexier than period panties!

The FLUX underwear is held up by a fully-adjustable side-strapping system that you can easily wrap around your pelvic area to ensure a tight fit. No clip or button system to fool you with a bit of folding, and definitely no elastic.

The edges are all seam-free and the lace trim around the leg adds a nice touch of cute to front and rear. The crutch is quite short, if you are very long in this region you might find it scraping the floor a bit, but you’ll be obviously giving your bum a rest from constantly having to be pulled up.

The pictures show the underwear representing a base score of 5.

You can currently purchase FLUX underwear in three different styles: Bikini (Tangerine, Blue and Purple), Full Brief (Red and Black) and Hipster Brief (Coral and White) with three different levels of absorbency. This is to ensure FLUX underwear matches your period needs and fitness levels.

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FLUX Period-Proof Underwear – Bikini Review:

Discharge and Leak Proof Day/Night Period Underwear | Hipster Brief and Full Brief

Flux Hipster Brief and Full Brief Period Underwear has multiple layers, including a 100% biodegradable and compostable layer as well as a 40 gsm fluid collection core. FLUX has been developed with the highest standards of testing to ensure FLUX meet Australian and European Health and Hygiene Standard, particularly in regards to being a medical-grade absorbent underwear.

Flux Hipster Brief and Full Brief Period Underwear:


The hipster brief and full brief period underwear are very similar in style. The full brief has rectangular flap and the hipster brief has a triangular sized flap. Both styles have a wider waistband and similar material to the bikini style. The colours of each style vary slightly between the different types.

The fabric of both the hipster brief and full brief period underwear is made out of nylon with some lycra. The FLUX hipster brief and full brief period underwear are available in either a basic black or a cute coral pink.

I personally prefer the full brief period underwear, as the hipster brief period underwear were a little bit tighter around the waistband. However this could just be down to me hating elastic products on my waist, so I would definitely recommend trying the hipster brief period underwear on before deciding to order just the full brief.

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Flux Underwear – Bikini Review:

Scoring 3/5 for absorbency due to the minimal amount of period underwear that it can hold.

The FLUX hipster brief period underwear are slightly less absorbent than the full brief period underwear. The pee pool of the FLUX hipster brief period underwear that I tested was minimal. Small spots were seen on the front and back of the period underwear, which quickly dried on their own given that it was a lighter flow period. The FLUX hipster brief period panties would be able to hold a little more than two tampons worth of blood before they reached their max absorbency capacity. The blood spot of the blood was very visible on the FLUX hipster brief period panties, and a little bit more so than the full brief period panties.

The FLUX underwear ranges in size from XS to XXXL in each style. In terms of performance, you’ll definitely get the most bang for your buck with the Bikini style. The Full Brief and Hipster Brief styles both offer a medium/high performance range, which means you won’t be having to go to the bathroom as much during your period. It’s however worth noting that the Performance Levels range from Grade 1 to Grade 4, with Grade 1 being the least absorbent of the series.

The starter pack is an excellent introduction, with two pairs of FLUX underwear of your choice. If you are unsure which style is right for you, get two pairs of different styles. FLUX underwear is one of the most cost effective accessories options available, and it’s also more environmentally friendly than disposable pads and tampons.

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