Feminist Achievements That Changed Women’s Lives Forever

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Today, women from all over the world run cities and companies, taking on the challenge from the world of men. Their revolutionary ideas in various social areas are raising the status quo. Women are increasingly found among political activists, academics, athletes, op players at live casino Canada, and even the military. But the fairer sex finally broke into the male arena in the 21st century thanks to the long history of the formation of feminism and the struggle for equality, which continues today. From 1900, feminist ideas began to sound public, which led to the emergence of many great names and creations that once and for all changed the lives of modern women. To remember and re-evaluate the impact of strong women on world history, we have compiled a historical compilation of feminist achievements that have influenced the eternal theme of gender equality.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie, 1903

Marie Curie is a world-famous woman scientist. A Frenchwoman of Jewish descent achieved incredible successes for women of that time in scientific and experimental activities. Together with her husband Pierre Curie, she made an invaluable contribution to science by discovering polonium and radium. For her achievement, Marie Curie was awarded two Nobel Prizes in 1903 and 1911. Curie is not only the first female scientist to broaden the scientific horizons, but also the only woman to receive the award twice. With all the external modesty and dedication, the scientist gave a tremendous impetus for women all over the world to dare to be the best in the male territory.

Curie’s discoveries made an invaluable contribution to the invention of the X-ray during the First World War, for which she received the Order of the Red Cross. Many educational institutions and medical institutes bear the name Curie, which at one time helped other women to open the way to science.

Gabrielle Chanel, 1926

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is one of the greatest women who changed the fashion world.

An orphan from a god-forsaken city gave women the concepts of comfort and style that remain relevant to this day. In 1926, Coco released her legendary little black dress, accompanying this innovation with the following words: “The little black dress should be something of a uniform for all women of style”.

The list of Chanel’s achievements can be continued for a very long time: here is the management of your own fashion house, and the development of textile production, and the creation of a line of jewelry, and, of course, the release of the world-famous perfume Chanel No. 5, which is still an icon of perfumery.

Chanel not only became a chapter in the history of fashion but also made a great feminist contribution to modern society. Her words about willpower and hard work are still on everyone’s lips. We can say that Chanel is the first example of a real businesswoman striving for independence and success.

Amelia Earhart, 1932

Amelia Earhart is known to the world not only as a talented American writer and aviation pioneer but also as the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

When Earhart first saw the plane at the age of 10, she reacted as follows: “It was a piece of wood and rusty iron that didn’t interest me at all!”

Of course, her views on flying changed dramatically when the young feminist first sat in the cockpit. Amelia Eckhart was the only woman to make a solo voyage across the ocean, while only two people in the world managed to do the same.

This victory and many other achievements of the female pilot of the 20th century only strengthened her desire to fly, and already in 1973, Eckhart uttered her last, world-famous phrase: “We will conquer the north and south!”

Eckhart’s plane went missing somewhere between Australia and Hawaii, and for decades she was herself the most famous missing person. Today, with about 130,000 professional pilots worldwide, 4,000 of them are women, according to the Society of women airline pilots.

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