Give from the Heart: The 5 Best Handmade Graduation Gifts

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Give from the Heart: The 5 Best Handmade Graduation Gifts

Graduation may be a few months away, but if you’re thinking about a graduation gift for your loved one, then it’s never too soon to start planning. There are so many things you could get them, but the ones that often mean the most are handmade gifts. From a money wreath to a memory quilt, we’ve listed some of the best handmade graduation gifts below.

DIY Money Wreath

Whether it’s a college or high school grad, any student will love some extra cash to go with them into the next life stage. This is a great way to put more thought into the gift rather than a check or an envelope of cash. Take the money you would give them and turn it into a sweet wreath. It’s quite easy as well—all you’ll need is a wreath form, string or twine, money bills (any amount you want), some glue, and whatever decorations you want!

Through-the-Years Quilt

Quilts are one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give. Students tend to pile up school t-shirts and the like, especially if they’re in any activities or sports. Make sure to follow important color theory tips to ensure that you’re creating a quilt that will look as good as the thought is. And although this gift takes time, the reward is so sweet. You can even use fabrics from outside of school and go back through the years. The quilt will remind them of where they’ve been and give them the support they need for the future!

Graduation Photo Album

Another sweet gift idea for the graduate in your life is a photo collage. Sure, there are tons of digitized ways to create a photo album, but sometimes the most heartfelt are the collages with printed photos, cardstock, and handwritten notes. Grab an album (any size you want) and fill it with pictures, gentle reminders for any bad days, and a whole bunch of love. Tears will fall!

Homemade Journal Covers

If you have a grad who loves to write, gift them some handmade journal covers. All you need to do is purchase some journals (in the giftee’s preferred linewidth) and then find some of their favorite photos. With social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and VSCO, it’s easier than ever to gauge their tastes. Take a few of those photos and cover the journal with them, or you could buy simple brown journals and let your artistry go to work!

Framed State

This last gift doesn’t take too much effort and is a lovely gift they’re sure to keep with them as they head to their next step. Whether they’re leaving the state for college or just took a new job in a different state, purchase or make your own frame and put the outline of their home state. You could even have two states, with a road map line from their home state to their new state. Home is never too far away with this gift!

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