How to Promote Recycling in the Workplace

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How to Promote Recycling in the Workplace

The benefits recycling has on our planet are undeniable. As non-biodegradable waste continues to pile up around us, recycling is more important than ever to slow the ever-growing number of landfills consuming our planet. According to the Waste Business Journal, “By 2021 there will be approximately 15 years of landfill capacity remaining, representing an annual rate of loss of 2.6%.” Despite this urgency, many businesses still don’t participate in recycling programs. To help make your business greener, consider these tips on how to promote recycling in the workplace.

Add more recycling bins

Having multiple recycling bins around your workplace will make recycling easier and more convenient for employees. If you currently only have one or two recycling bins at your company, add a few more around prominent areas, such as in break rooms and near printers.

Educate employees

People are often confused about what items they can and can’t recycle. If employees toss unrecyclable items in the recycling bin, they do more harm than good, as this contaminates the rest of the items in the bin. It’s incredibly important to educate employees on which items they can recycle. To do this, you can send out a company-wide email, place signs above the bins, or have a team meeting to discuss proper recycling habits.

Send out recycling reminders

Unfortunately, recycling isn’t always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and employees who are indifferent about recycling may forget to make the extra effort to reduce waste. Posting regular reminders about recycling will help make employees more aware of its importance. These reminders can be as simple as putting up a few signs or sending a quick email.

Add some healthy competition

Nothing motivates people more than some heathy competition. To inspire competition in your employees, split them up into teams by department. Then, provide a prize for the team that recycles the most at the end of the week, month, or quarter. To fuel the competition, send out updates on which department is doing the best, and watch your recycling rates soar.

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