Top Reasons to Go Vegan in the New Year

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Changing your diet can have a tremendous impact on your well-being, that’s a well-known fact. However, not all diets are the same, nor they have the exact same effects on the human body. Some might be effective when it comes to weight loss, but they also require physical exercise.

Veganism or plant-based diet has been around for ages, but only recently, it has become to enter the mainstream discourse regarding personal health and the environment. If you’ve been thinking about going vegan next year, then here are some pretty solid reasons that may convince you to do so.

Going vegan will help you feel better

A lot of vegans claim that switching their diet helps them feel more energized and happier on a day-to-day level. However, in order to pull it off, it’s important to do your research, especially if you haven’t eaten many vegetables before. If your current diet still contains high quantities of dairy and meat, then it’s of utmost importance to inform yourself, so you’ll be able to have a smooth transition.

A plant-based diet is great for the environment

If you’re someone who deeply cares about the environment, then going vegan might be the logical step for you. Growing cattle is hazardous work, which is why so much land gets destroyed in order to grow crops for animals to feed them. Besides, such animals are also responsible for huge greenhouse gas emissions, and if you go vegan, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

It can help you expand your horizons

Omitting eggs, dairy, and meat from your diet leaves you with a lot of room to experiment with the food you eat. There are many foods such as seitan, tofu, and mushrooms that act as a great and delicious meat substitute. Additionally, you can also find other vegan options that will satisfy your palate. For example, choosing a tasty plant-based meal from Satia Nutrition is a wonderful way to start your day without spending too much time preparing breakfast. Therefore, if you decide to go vegan, be sure to keep your mind open and try amazing new dishes.

Changing your diet can help you meet new people

Once you decide to switch to a plant-based way of eating, you’ll be met with curiosity and maybe even disapproval, especially from closed-minded family members. If that bothers you, then it’s important to surround yourself with people who agree with your change of lifestyle. The vegan community might get a bad rep, but it can also offer valuable info and support, especially to those who’ve just started exploring veganism as a way of living.

You will feel more confident and healthier

We often do things because others did it before us, without actually questioning anything. For some, that works, but for others, not so much. Therefore, if your current lifestyle doesn’t bring you joy, going vegan can help you feel more confident and healthier. Those who suffer from disordered eating may see improvements in their body weight and self-esteem. However, that may also lead you to a trap: many new vegans tend to go around and preach their newfound truth, and even though that might seem enticing at first, keep in mind that acting self-righteous isn’t the best way to promote veganism, especially to those who oppose it in the first place.

Final thoughts

This year has been quite turbulent, to say the least. The year that’s coming ahead is a perfect chance to start anew, and a plant-based diet might be a great way to improve yourself and feel better in your own skin. Just remember to do your research and start slowly, because that will help you become more comfortable with your new habits.

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