18 Great Books About Letting Go Of Guilt

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This article showcases our top picks for the Books About Letting Go Of Guilt. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Napierville by Zelna A. Oberholster

This product was recommended by Zuhura Miriam from Catalyst Brand Strategy

This book talks about a woman who later rose into executive positions, started her own foundation to help people with similar experiences and empower others. Napierville is an autobiography of a “Sporie” (railway child) who has been sexually abused since the age of 4 by various different men- friends of the family, family, neighbours and boyfriends up to the age of 16. This book is an honest story based on her life and all the avenues of healing that she has attempted and finding her own worth- her process of healing that she wishes to inspire other victims and survivors with her courage and will to heal and flourish.

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

This product was recommended by Erika Rykun from Booklyst

There is something therapeutic in books that are addressing guilt on different levels. In this book, guilt is addressed at both very personal and national/historical levels. This is a great book to contemplate about guilt and what it does not only to us as individuals, but to the whole nations.

Let Go of the Guilt by Valorie Burton

This product was recommended by William Kemper from Kemper DMD

If you find yourself obsessing over past events that you may or may not have controlled, well it’s time to stop and give yourself some peace of mind. This book will help you understand the patterns of guilt and will make yourself aware of the toxic habit of choosing to be guilty over being joyful. This book has helped me to stay away from all the guilt trips and made me conscious of the happy things happening all around me. AS I flipped the pages, I found myself pondering over the question Why am I guilty about events that took place in the pat and ruining my present and future?

12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos by Jordan Peterson

This product was recommended by Axel Hernborg from Tripplo

Honesty is the essence of all the Peterson’s 12 rules towards life. He has perfectly made the reader realize that most of the things happening in life are because of their own fault but it also moulds one to be a better person. Hence, instead of blaming others, one can look through in themselves for what to change. By the end of the book, one will definitely become more responsible for their acts so they don’t even have to face the guilt anymore.

The End of Guilt by Edwin Navarro

This product was recommended by Olena from Moshes Law – A Law Firm

Every personality experiences guilt and it is quite normal. But sometimes this feeling can spoil life. The book helps to sort out the feelings and to get rid of guilt.

It Didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

This book has a very specific approach to treating trauma – particularly the trauma that has survived and transferred from generations. He offers a different perspective of looking at the trauma that’s not necessarily the result of a painful life event or a chemical imbalance but instead passed through generations. It Didn’t Start with You evidences with depth and clarity that whilst the person who initially experienced trauma might have died or their story forgotten, the associated memories, and feelings might still be adopted by future generations – embedded in our genetic makeup and cognitive abilities – playing a far greater role than previously thought. It’s a novel approach, that’s proven to be extremely effective, particularly when other treatments and therapies have failed.

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

This product was recommended by Sally Stevens from FastPeopleSearch

This is one of the most recent books published on trauma healing and one of my favorites. Van Der Kolk, one of the world’s leading experts on trauma, acknowledges that trauma is a fact of life and everyone has to deal with some form of it in their lives. After three decades of working with survivors this book offers a different take on trauma illustrating how trauma influences the brain and the body – negatively impacting every aspect of cognitive functioning from self-control to trust to permitting pleasure. The best part of the book is his exploration of alternative treatments such as yoga and meditation to sports and drama.

The Orgasmic Entrepreneur by Melissa Drake

This product was recommended by Melissa Drake from Uncorped Influence

The Orgasmic Entrepreneur is a newly released book that explores the ties between being one’s true self, showing up in business, and being intimate with others. Many individuals hold back from being their true selves because of fear, guilt, and shame. This book is a provocative invitation to address and heal all the parts of one’s self that prevent you from being the person you were born to be, leading the life you were meant to live, and experiencing the relationship of your dreams. Throughout the narrative, the author and guest contributors address the concept of guilt directly while sharing eye-opening stories and providing enlightening solutions to live a life that’s free, abundant, and guilt-free..

It’s All Under Control by Jennifer Dukes Lee

This product was recommended by Rohan Kadam from Bikingknowhow

To be honest, I find this book very fascinating. I was faced with a personal loss early this year because of COVID. I felt very off and vulnerable. It is at this point that I read this book. The author had made one point in this book which was The world doesn’t need me to rescue it; sometimes, it needs me to step away, find my chill, and wait while God does the work he is fully capable of doing. This line made a deep impact on me. This book helped me overcome the guilt I had initially by thinking I could have done something for the person I lost. I was finally able to accept my loss and move on. I highly recommend this book for people who have faced personal loss and who are blaming themself for it.

Let Go Guilt by Valorie Burton

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

The author helps the readers to pick joy instead of guilt. Here, you can find a self-coaching process and practical research that aids the readers to let go of guilt. The author shows the remedies to overcome the four thought patterns in guilt feeling. It is the best book to heal when you feel anxious and depressed due to guilt. Find joy and happiness by getting rid of unnecessary guilt thoughts in your life journey.

Radical Self-Forgiveness by Colin Tipping

This product was recommended by Michelle Devani from lovedevani

Colin Tipping’s book Radical Self-forgiveness: The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance enables me to navigate this issue to achieve deep and lasting recovery from shame. Mistakes and failures have always been a part of our human experience, leading to feelings of shame and guilt. As a founder, there have been numerous moments when I’ve felt remorse and forgiveness for things I’ve done that affect not only me but also the people around me, and this book taught me that. To be better prepared for the next task, we must learn to forgive ourselves.. To learn to forgive others, we must first learn to forgive ourselves.

The Wicked Deep by Shea Earnshaw

This product was recommended by Geninna Ariton from Trendhim

This is the story of wandering spirits inhabiting humans, and in the process of doing so, realizing that the only way to let go of their guilt is to start anew.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

This book is a fascinating look into the human capacity to live in the harshest of environments, make meaning of difficult events, and discover our purpose in life. The author, an Auschwitz Nazi death camp survivor, shows how pain provides purpose and motivation to keep going. Our objective in life is not to gain pleasure or power but to ‘find meaning’ and it is the pursuit of this meaning that gives life significance. A remarkable book whose wisdom shines through regardless of our circumstances.

Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety by Peter R. Breggin

This product was recommended by Hilda Wong from Content Dog

This book shares the thoughts and compassion of a doctor who has spent decades fighting psychiatric abuse. According to Dr. Breggin, when we embrace responsibility for our actions, become grateful, and pursue what we truly value in life, all resentment and regret die out of irrelevance or lack of nourishment, and we begin to thrive emotionally. This book is easy to read and admirably free of scientific jargon, which will appeal to anyone who is interested in maximizing human potential.

Learned Optimism by Martin E.P. Seligman

This product was recommended by Erin LaCkore from LaCkore Couture

This book is a compilation of Dr. Seligman’s (and others’) extensive scientific research. Among its features are tests offering valuable insight and effective techniques for defeating those crippling negative thoughts. The book cautions against blaming others. It isn’t meant to avoid responsibility, but rather to recognize and reframe the tendency of always blaming oneself for one’s problems in life. This book is highly recommended for anyone struggling with feelings of helplessness, pessimism, guilt, and/or depression.

Workbook for Fierce Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

This product was recommended by Leonardo Gomez from Leonardo Gomez

Kristin Neff describes the difference between tender self-compassion and fierce compassion, which taps into our anger and desire for change. She offers substantial research and compelling anecdotes as well as shares her own vulnerability. The book is a good reminder of how fragile self-esteem can be, and how much self-compassion can really help, even if you are as kind, comforting, and kind to yourself as you would to a friend. A must-read for those suffering from negative emotions.

Authentic Happiness by Martin E.P. Seligman

This product was recommended by Nathan Watson from Lion Locs

There are so many self-help books, questionnaires, and popular psychology books that talk about what’s wrong with our lives and what we can do to improve them. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, Seligman asks us to focus on what’s good, and learn to turn good into excellent, making this a book about mental wellness rather than mental illness. The book is a welcome change and a good recommendation for those suffering from guilt and shame.

The Power of Negative Emotion by Todd Kashdan

This product was recommended by Erin Mastopietro from Dope Dog

Despite its funky cover, this book contains a lot of scientific and academic research that discusses our daily lives. The way Todd Kashdan and Rover Biswas-Diener manage to gather all the research into one book is beyond me. I think it’s a wonderful piece of research that promotes psychological wholeness and the idea that emotions are not positive or negative. The book’s straightforward style makes it easy to read and is highly recommended for dealing with negativity scientifically.

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