19 Books On Empowering Women

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As a woman it’s so important not to give up despite the silliness that often comes across our paths, whether in personal or work life.

There are 28 books that are bound to empower you to greater things this year. No need to queue here for inspiring stories, incredible advice, and enjoyable reading. Just pick and order!

Women Empowerment Books

1. Success Under Stress: the 8 Keys to Handling Fire At Will

Written by Ms T.V. Wood

A fresh and straightforward guide to living a life of great success, in one book. You will learn the 8 keys to success by learning and applying the 8 secrets of great stress management to your life.

The author, Ms T.V. Wood is a former successful business woman and CEO of the largest government organisation in Australia. A Top 5 Sunday Times bestseller.

2. Black Excellence At Work: The Promote Yourself Mindset Guide

Written by R. Johnson

Black Excellence offers brilliant tips for racialized employees, especially women, to identify and handle everyday challenges. You’ll discover how to boost your confidence, demonstrate your skills and talents, and stand out from the crowd.

3. Tending My Life Garden: Lessons from Women Who Changed Their Lives Through Gardening

Written by Kim Klein

‘Tending my Life Garden offers a tonic for the soul, invites you to dream and fosters hope.’ – Oprah Winfrey

Learn to heal yourself and the world around you from a green space. This book will help you see how the world could benefit from trees being added to parks, your workplace in the form of a beautiful garden, a park, for everyone’s well being.

4. Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

Written by Kerry Patterson

A must-read for all employees, with a wealth of tactical advice for perfecting the art of communication. This must read book has been recommended by leaders in both private and public sector enterprises and is an excellent choice for board room meetings.

5. Climbing the Walls of The Glass Ceiling

Written by Denene Millner

In this book, the author shows women how to move beyond the ‘good girl syndrome’, which holds many of us back professionally, and succeed.

6. If Life Is A Game These Are The Rules

Written by Rhonda Shaw

Entertaining and inspiring but with a serious message, Rhonda takes you through 36 ‘rules’ for playing the game of life. In each chapter, she reveals techniques to help you have better conversations, make a stronger impression, and build a better, richer, more satisfying life.

7. How to Have It All

Written by Barbara Karasek

There’s no question this book is required reading for women who want to lead a balanced, successful life. In it, Barbara offers a wealth of remarkable insights and inspiration.

8. 23 Steps To Becoming A Sales Superstar

Written by Jeffery Gitomer

The principles outlined in this book are invaluable and apply to virtually every business professional. Achieve more, and get paid more. A ‘must-read’ for sales professionals.

9. Good To Be A Girl

Written by Robin Arzon

A must-read for the modern woman who seeks to inspire, motivate, and empower herself, and others.

Acknowledged as the foremost authority on healthy lifestyle and woman empowerment by Oprah Winfrey, GMA, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and others.

10. The 8 Secrets of Self-Confidence

Written by Lisa de Nikolos

This book is an insightful and inspirational read. It breaks self-confidence down into easy-to-understand principles, and through simple exercises at the end of each chapter.

11. All You Can Do Is All You Can Do

Written by Anne Lamott

A life altering book for those of us facing life-threatening illness, but could be beneficial to any employee meeting challenges in their ordinary lives threatening to tear them down.

12. Mindfulness for Women: 100 Tips to Enlightenment

Written by Trudy Goodman

‘So what is mindfulness? Put simply, it’s non-judgmental awareness.’

Mindfulness is an extremely powerful practice that can change your life.

13. The Spirit of Kaizen – A Commonsense Approach to a Lifetime of Success

Written by Robert Maurer

Discover the easy-to-implement, motivating ways to achieve your dreams and goals through incremental improvement, which the Japanese call kaizen.

14. Boss Bitch: The Manifesto for Women Who Don’t Take Bullshit

Written by Melanie Notkin

A great book for strong women. It talks about how to be the Bitch that will endure powerful adversity in her professional and personal life. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old or in the middle, you can read this book.

15. 30 Days of No: How I Reclaimed My Sanity and Stopped a Panic Attack

Written by Allison Aubrey

30 Days of No offers an uplifting meditation on resilience, self-acceptance, and personal development.

16. Lessons From The Gruelers – A Guerrilla Guide To Career Change

Written by Alice Greer

Alice tells us her journey and shares the lessons she learned on the odd side of the emergency walk-in copier business.

17. Living Authentically – Why We Hide Who We Are and How We Can Let Ourselves Out

Written by Jennifer Pastiloff

‘The more curious we become about who we are, where we’re going, and how we’ll get there, the happier we will be.’

18. This Is Not The Life I Ordered: The Downside of the Road Less Traveled

Written by Katie Bany

This Is Not The Life I Ordered is for anyone who wants to live a happier, more authentic life.

Katie Bany tells an unflinching story of her journey from suburbia and longing to live elsewhere to having it all and losing it all.

She writes the book with raw emotion and pulls no punches, sharing the mistakes she made along the way as well as the lessons she’s learned.

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