20 Best Podcasts About Political Action of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about political action? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best political action podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Twitter us Pretty Progressive (Twitter) and we will check it out!

Best Political Action Podcasts 2021

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No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

  • Publisher: Brian Tyler Cohen
  • Total Episodes: 53

No Lie covers the most important and breaking political stories of the week, hosted by progressive commentator Brian Tyler Cohen. He sits down with major players in the world of politics, bringing you right into the heart of the action. No bad faith talking points, no disinformation, and no lies.

Rebel Steps

  • Publisher: Amy & Liz
  • Total Episodes: 35

A podcast about taking political action guided by the concepts of direct action, solidarity, autonomy and mutual aid. Get bonus content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


  • Publisher: OD Action
  • Total Episodes: 34

The official podcast for OD Action – Occupy Democrats’ partner action network with over 250,000 members. Recorded in Mitch McConnell’s backyard, Democratica features the founder of OD Action and 12-year veteran of Capitol Hill giving smart and savvy coverage for people too exhausted keeping up with a political climate with a new WTF moment each day. Get ready to take action!

LaRouche PAC

  • Publisher: LaRouche PAC
  • Total Episodes: 919

The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee

The Soul of the Nation with Jim Wallis

  • Publisher: District Productive
  • Total Episodes: 129

The Jim Wallis Show informs and inspires grass roots, influentials, and political leaders to examine our priorities in meeting the Biblical call for social justice and from that examination take action to promote racial and social justice, life and peace, and environmental stewardship.

Meeting in Middle America with Steven Olikara

  • Publisher: Steven Olikara
  • Total Episodes: 28

Wisconsin and the Midwest are attracting the attention of the coasts in the areas of tech innovation, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and political importance. This new podcast will help tell that story. The show’s host, Steven Olikara, is a nationally-recognized political entrepreneur and commentator, Wisconsin native, and founder/CEO of the Millennial Action Project.

All Ears with Abigail Disney

  • Publisher: Abigail Disney
  • Total Episodes: 30

With the 2020 election as the backdrop for Season 2 of All Ears, Abby is excited to talk with people she considers “good troublemakers”…people whose work pushes back with imagination and courage against the status quo. We’ll be intertwining big ideas and personal stories about gender, class, and race, and how we can take action to make changes in our cultural and political landscape.

Learning How to See with Brian McLaren, Jacqui Lewis and Richard Rohr

  • Publisher: Center for Action and Contemplation
  • Total Episodes: 7

How do we transform and transcend our biases? From judgments made unconsciously to complacency in systemic evil, we must learn how to see if we are to learn how to transform. Center for Action and Contemplation faculty members Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr join Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis Ph.D. of New York’s Middle Church for this special six-episode podcast series Learning How to See. Listen as these three powerful public theologians discuss how seeing is social, political, and contemplative.

Thrillers Old Time Radio

  • Publisher: Dennis Humphrey
  • Total Episodes: 145

Old Time Radio Network Thrillers, thrilling mystery, espionage, and political intrigue. Step into the world of action and Psychological twist that will keep you on the edge of your chair.

Culture Changers with Allison Hare

  • Publisher: Allison Hare
  • Total Episodes: 97

Allison Hare chats with innovative culture changers, thought leaders, and industry disruptors – from doctors, educators, business leaders, religious figures, political figures and creatives so that we can shift old paradigms and start new ones. This podcast is for the person ready to make their own mark. Every single episode gives action steps and tactical strategies to step into your own power and help you become the force you’ve always had deep inside – but weren’t sure how to unlock it. These candid conversations always promise to be hopeful, bold, strong, thought-provoking, and authentic – and most of all, ask YOU to take action as we evolve together. The Bright This Way community is supportive, confident, compassionate, global, impactful, genuine, and powerful. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place.

Green Left Weekly Radio

  • Publisher: Green Left Weekly Radio Collective
  • Total Episodes: 223

A weekly source of alternative information which aims to inspire action and organisation to put people and the environment first.Covering international political issues and struggles against the exploitation of the people and exposing the bias in mainstream media that preferences the power brokers and denies access to information.

The Asset

  • Publisher: District Productive
  • Total Episodes: 42

In 2016, Donald Trump conspired with a foreign government to become President of the United States. On July 25, 2019, with the 2020 election around the corner, he decided to do it again.The first time around, it was collusion, aiding and abetting Russia’s attack on American democracy. The second time, it was extortion, demanding the Ukrainian government manufacture dirt on Trump’s political opponents in exchange for help the country needs to fend off a Russian invasion and chart a democratic future free of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.  To make sense of these recent events that have rocked American politics and led to very real concerns that the President of the United States may be a Russian asset, we need to dig a little deeper. In Season 1, The Asset dives into Trump’s decades-long history with Russia, from his extensive business dealings with Russian oligarchs to his presidential campaign and the investigations that have sent some of his closest associates to prison.In Season 2, The Asset explores the backstory to Trump’s infamous phone call with the newly-elected Ukrainian President, where he demanded an investigation into a political opponent and set off a series of events leading to the impeachment inquiry.Hosted by Max Bergmann, a senior fellow and director of the Moscow Project at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, and featuring expert guests, The Asset will put together the pieces of Trump’s relationship with Russia and Ukrainian extortion campaign.The Asset is a partnership between the Center for American Progress Action Fund, District Productive, and Protect the Investigation. It is produced by Paul Woodhull, a 20-year veteran media executive and president of Build Better Media, and Peter Ogburn, the executive producer of the Bill Press Show.

Finding Humanity

  • Publisher: Finding Humanity Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 30

Through real-life stories of courage and purpose, Finding Humanity takes listeners into the heart of the most complex social and political issues facing our world. Each episode puts a human face on a global topic that is overwhelming and difficult to grasp. Our podcast weaves together insights from leading human rights and development experts — while providing listeners with tangible calls-to-action to make a difference. Finding Humanity is a production of Humanity Lab Foundation and Hueman Group Media. Our inaugural season is made possible in part by our collaborating partner, The Elders.

Savage Politics

  • Publisher: Erica Savage
  • Total Episodes: 13

Savage Politics lifts the voices of political and social commentary. For insight on below the fold issues, interviews with policy makers, thought leaders and calls to action, join host Erica Savage on Savage Politics!

On Conflict Podcast

  • Publisher: Julia Menard & Gordon White
  • Total Episodes: 46

This is a deep and globally relevant journey into conflict issues. We connect you with innovative thinkers, authors, artists, practitioners, and political leaders with provocative and empowering understandings of conflict. We challenge your perspectives and invite you to use our guests’ insights to take inspired action in your lives, neighbourhoods, and nations. Join us in exploring accessible dialogue with big ideas and big feelings. Let’s go make the world a better place!

God, Trump and the 2020 Election

  • Publisher: Charisma Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 125

Listen to discover what is at stake for Christians in the next presidential election. The spiritual battle for the soul of America comes down to two distinct futures. Based on his new book, “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election,” bestselling author and host Stephen E. Strang takes a spiritual perspective on why Donald Trump must win re-election and what could happen if he loses. Hear commentary on how God uses leaders, promises made and kept, biblical prophecies and interviews with leaders in the political and Christian fields. Play an episode and respond to the call to action to pray for America and her leadership. (Show Logo: Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Black Agenda Radio Commentaries

  • Publisher: Glen Ford
  • Total Episodes: 6

Black Agenda Radio is a production of Black Agenda Report, www.blackagendareport.com, the weekly journal of African American political thought and action. Each week Black Agenda

The Lance Wallnau Show

  • Publisher: Dr. Lance Wallnau
  • Total Episodes: 329

“The Lance Wallnau Show” follows the machinations of influence shaping and policy making in America, from local political activism to international diplomacy. Lance Wallnau looks past the distractions of political theater and stunts and focuses on the hidden powers and agenda. Lance breaks down and decodes current events, legislative proposals and policies that shape American life – as well as the people making and influencing those policies and their ultimate outcome, intended or otherwise.

American Elections: Wicked Game

  • Publisher: Airship / Wondery
  • Total Episodes: 64

On February 10th, 1796, Vice President John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail, lamenting the state of discourse in the country. The election was nearing—and becoming heated. Newspapers screamed, factions warred, and John Adams was dismayed with what he called “the wicked Game.”Americans in 2020 can relate. They still have to endure weeks of shouting, outrage, and the worst sort of political rancor as the country once again chooses its president.But it’s almost always been this way. And to prove it, American Elections: Wicked Game will review the entire history of presidential elections, from the unanimous and inevitable election of George Washington in 1789 to Donald Trump’s surprise electoral victory in 2016.From the host of the American History Tellers and American Scandal, this new podcast will explore all 58 presidential elections to discover that there never never was a “good ol’ days,” and that presidential politics has always been played dirty.

Congressional Dish

  • Publisher: Jennifer Briney
  • Total Episodes: 262

Congressional Dish is a twice-monthly podcast that aims to draw attention to where the American people truly have power: Congress. From the perspective of a fed up taxpayer with no allegiance to any political party, Jennifer Briney will fill you in on the must-know information about what our representatives do AFTER the elections and how their actions can and will affect our day to day lives. Hosted by @JenBriney. Links to information sources available at www.congressionaldish.com

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