20 Best Podcasts About Sustainable Beauty of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about sustainable beauty? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best sustainable beauty podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

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Best Sustainable Beauty Podcasts 2021

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A vision of a world built with integrity.

  • Publisher: Other day
  • Total Episodes: 105

Join us to explore what it takes to create a world built with integrity. Our founder, Jodi Muter-Hamilton talks to the people behind the ideas and brands who are making fashion, beauty and lifestyle business more sustainable, innovative and human-centred.

The Green Divas

  • Publisher: GDP Studios
  • Total Episodes: 800

The Green Divas family of podcasts include: the popular 50 Shades of Green Divas, GD Spirit Pub, the GD Mike Nowak Show; and a variety of topical short podcasts like GDs Heart Wildlife, Green Dudes, GD Eco-Sexy, GD Foodies, GDs @ Home, GDs Health & Beauty, GD Eco-Style, and quite a few others. All these shows hold a common theme of presenting practical ideas, news and real-world advice for sustainable, socially responsible and healthy living by sharing topics, guests and reporting that helps us all find a deeper more sane shade of green.

REV On Air – Sustainable Stories

  • Publisher: Rêve En Vert
  • Total Episodes: 37

Every week, the REV podcast – “REV On Air” – will explore conversations and address key questions around sustainable fashion, natural beauty, wellness, organic food, politics, and conservation and discuss how we can all be living more consciously within these realms. The podcast will be a forum for honest dialogue, which will maintain its independence from the e-commerce platform and will welcome esteemed guests, who are passionately and progressively breaking down conventions, pushing boundaries and inspiring a new breed of thinking and being that is in harmony with the natural world.

The Futurist Podcast

  • Publisher: Jo Linehan
  • Total Episodes: 38

Hosted and produced by lifestyle journalist and GAFF-co founder Jo Linehan, The Futurist uncovers some of the most exciting sustainable lifestyle brands and leaders in Ireland today. From long-standing sustainable fashion labels to the new beauty and homewares companies being built with sustainability in mind, Jo unravels the ethos and methods behind some of the most admireable goods and practices in the country and discusses the challenges and triumphs of building a business with the environment in mind. Episodes so far feature Tipperary and Dublin-based beauty brand Nunaiai, Katie O’Riordan from Theo & George, Sadie Chowen of the Burren Perfumery, Reuzi founder Pat Kane and design duo Jill & Gill. 


  • Publisher: Together Group
  • Total Episodes: 75

Innovators is a weekly conversation with leaders pushing for change through the lens of innovation. Each episode is a frank conversation about the challenges and opportunities faced by the visionaries, executives and entrepreneurs driving the world’s leading fashion, beauty, retail and tech businesses forward. From sustainable fashion pioneers to the inventor of Amazon Alexa, tune in with our host, Liz Bacelar, to hear behind-the-scenes revelations and insights from the world’s top innovators.

The Clean Living Podcast

  • Publisher: Shannon Lohr
  • Total Episodes: 38

What’s really in the products we use and buy every day? Is it possible to change our own health by becoming more thoughtful consumers? I’m your host Shannon Lohr and I’m an entrepreneur, mother and clean living advocate who thinks a lot about what I buy — especially when it comes to home, food and beauty.For most people, it’s overwhelming to sift through research about parabens and sulfates when you’re just trying to make it through the day, put dinner on the table and get the kids to bed.But there is so much that we don’t know about the products we use daily. We don’t know who to trust, which ingredients to avoid, what to switch to and which companies are greenwashing a lie.With mini episodes under 10 minutes, The Clean Living Podcast explores how to live a more sustainable life without guilt, shame or overwhelm. I truly believe that taking charge of the wellness in our own homes is a huge step in changing the world.Ready to get started? Click play.Learn more at http://cleanlivingpodcast.com

Rediscover Italy Podcast

  • Publisher: Cassandra Lena Santoro & Laura Thayer
  • Total Episodes: 5

Rediscover your love of Italy with stories of Italian life, locals, and travel. Hosted by Cassandra Lena Santoro and Laura Thayer Rediscover Italy is a place for you to connect to your love of Italy – for the first time or all over again. Our podcast will share stories of Italy, lessons from locals, travel experiences and tips, and the joy of allowing your heart to lead you through the journey of life. The podcast will also focus on the simple beauties of Italy and how we can experience them in a more memorable, sustainable, and fulfilling way. And, most importantly, finding what that means to and for you. Cassandra Santoro is the CEO and Founder of Travel Italian Style. As a trip planner and dual citizen (of Italy and the USA) she has visited all 20 Regions of Italy and spends six months each year traveling the country. Her focus is to find inspiring and real experiences from North to South. You can also find features of Cassandra and her company in TEDx, Forbes, CNN, Huff Post, Darling, Radio Food Project, and more. Laura Thayer is an American travel writer, photographer, and art historian who has called the Amalfi Coast home for 14 years. She is a dual citizen of Italy and the USA and is passionate about sharing about the beauty, culture & history of the Amalfi Coast and Italy. Laura is also the founder of popular travel website Ciao Amalfi and author of the guidebook Moon Amalfi Coast with Capri, Naples & Pompeii (Moon Guides 2019).

“It’s Time to Talk” – Podcasts to Elevate and Inspire

  • Publisher: Carmel Cathie
  • Total Episodes: 33

Here we engage in conversations to elevate and inspire for the greatest good of the Collective. The underlying theme within each episode: “How is Humanity BEING?” and “What is Humanity BECOMING?” The intention is simple and my two year old son said it perfectly when I asked him what he was building with Daddy’s tape measure: “I WANT TO BUILD A MORE HAPPY AND PEACEFUL WORLD.” May these conversations empower your own wild, often messy and unpredictably wonderful self with the intelligence and freedom to happily and peacefully live life being YOURSELF while in relationship to the world and everyone in it. May they offer insight and clarity to your life purpose. May you embody the freedom to choose, and the courage to live, a life that inspires others to live their own goodness, truth and beauty. May you empower and activate your most abundance-producing offerings for yourself, your community and our planet. May we normalize authentic living where all beings are considered equal and celebrate goodness so that actions of humankind in the world are not only intelligent, collaborative, constructive and sustainable for us all, but that they also contribute to joy, play and love in our individual hearts and collective humanity. It’s time to talk about our deeper calling for being alive at this time. I am your host, Carmel Cathie. You’ll find more information at https://www.itstimetotalk.life and coming soon https://www.beingandbecoming.life. Thank you for joining me.

The Dosha Life

  • Publisher: Kelly Marie Mills
  • Total Episodes: 75

This podcast gives practical easy health, wellness and lifestyle tools plus timeless wisdom from Yoga and Ayurveda with Kelly Marie Mills, your host! You will find Mondays meditation and Fridays Relaxations! Plus Tuesdays weekly series episodes! History shows that beauty and health were a big part of our past as much as our present. Yoga and Ayurveda create simple steps to follow to build on what we have already and remove or reduce current imbalances. The ethos of Yoga and Ayurveda is for all beings to live our best life, with prosperity, health, enjoyment and freedom.Do you seeking something that will inspire you enough to wake feeling lighter? Ayurveda can do that, tweaking your lifestyle and diet and so many other cool small things to help yourself. Do you sometimes wake up and wonder what is your purpose? Yoga, in its traditional sense can help. Yoga is the science of the mind, it actually has alot less to do with the body, compared to Ayurveda! This podcast is aimed at strengthening our connection to contentment and our authentic being in a fun and quirky Kelly way! If I were to ask you what is it that you seek the most in your life, is the answer peace and happiness? Peace comes with gentle practices and slowing down in the right way for you body and mind. You will find Mondays meditation and Fridays Relaxations! Pluse Tuesdays weekly series episodes!Maybe you seek a bit of space and time for yourself?Ayurveda and Yoga are masters at helping us make space in our lives. I have often wondered in the past what is my purpose, and Yoga and Ayurveda had so many great ideas to offer me…that I fell in love with them. There is a world of knowledge ahead, including health secrets and mysteries to create sustainable balance. You will wake up every morning glad to start again. I look forward to chatting to you in the next episode. OH! Before you go, breathe out and smile. x

Magnifeco Radio with Kate Black

  • Publisher: Magnifeco.com
  • Total Episodes: 13

Magnifeco radio is a series of frank and intimate conversations hosted by Kate Black, author and founder of magnifeco.com. Each week Kate chats with designers, makers and sustainable leaders about their path and motivation plus the latest in ethical fashion, clean beauty and sustainable living.


  • Publisher: Carly Taber
  • Total Episodes: 11

CASA DE KARMA (.com.au) is home to Australia’s holistic health collective. Experts, a resource hub & tribe inspiring you to live naturally and in wellness. In this Podcast our Founder Carly Taber, hosts conversations with leading experts in wellness covering topics such as spirituality, nutrition, yoga & fitness, natural beauty, ethical fashion, alternative therapies, self-care and sustainable living. Finish each episode feeling highly inspired, educated and empowered to live in epic wellness.

Magnifeco Radio

  • Publisher: Heritage Radio Network
  • Total Episodes: 40

Magnifeco Radio is a series of frank and intimate conversations hosted by Kate Black, author and founder of magnifeco.com. Each week Kate chats with designers, makers and sustainable leaders about their path and motivation plus the latest in ethical fashion, clean beauty and sustainable living.

Feel Great Look Good

  • Publisher: Organa Beauty & Wellbeing
  • Total Episodes: 12

Welcome to this podcast hosted by Niki Richards, Psychologist and Founder of the sustainable brand, Organa Beauty & Wellbeing. During this experience she talks to experts, brands and everyday remarkable people about how they see beauty from the inside out with a focus on connecting mind, body & planet. By having these conversations we want to inspire people to make conscious choices.

Shut Up & Start

  • Publisher: Rachel Perryman
  • Total Episodes: 21

A “No-Nonsense” Guide For The Modern Day Beautypreneur! Are you ready to build a killer beauty career? Do you crave more out of your current business? If so, you are not alone. At Shut Up and Start we take a no nonsense approach to building a profitable, pleasurable and sustainable business in the modern day beauty industry.

The Vegan Sexy Cool Podcast

  • Publisher: Jacque Reid
  • Total Episodes: 45

The Vegan Sexy Cool Podcast is a show dedicated to sharing hip/cool vegan ways to be good to yourself, the animals and the planet. Tune in for celebrity interviews, fashion, beauty, wellness, nutrition, sustainable lifestyle, animal love and lots and lots of food! Host Jacque Reid is a long time journalist and passionate vegan who is excited about exploring the world of veganism.

A Beautifull Life

  • Publisher: Kaylee Karcher
  • Total Episodes: 16

A podcast by a millennial (Kaylee Karcher), for millennials who want to embrace every aspect of life from mindset to aesthetics, and everything in between. A Beautifull Life podcast talks about Mindset + Fashion + Wellness + Beauty + Sustainable living + Interior design + so much more to entertain and inspire you to show up as *YOUR* version of your best self so that you can start living your most beautifull life!


  • Publisher: Floornature.com
  • Total Episodes: 28

ALL GOOD VIBES – connecting new architectural horizons: A new podcast that redefines sustainable architecture, projects and space according to an augmented concept of beauty. Promoted by the online portal Floornature and supported by the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation, All Good Vibes, on air from May 8, invites its guests to reflect on the future role of architecture and design, connecting different experiences, contexts and generations.ALL GOOD VIBES – connecting new architectural horizons is the brand new Podcast promoted by Iris Ceramica Group Foundation and international online architecture and design magazine Floornature.com, which promises good vibrations convertible into inspiration and creative thought for architects, designers and the rest of us.

Glow & Green

  • Publisher: Ruchita Acharya
  • Total Episodes: 27

Welcome to Glow & Green Podcast! This podcast is geared towards defining your zero-waste, sustainable & clean beauty in simple and easy way. Here, we shared openly and honestly all about beauty definitions, standards, marketing trends, and DIY recipes so that you can take responsible decisions when it comes to selfcare! This podcast is hosted by Ruchita Acharya you who is founder of Glow & Green Beauty podcast and blog where she spreads awareness regarding clean, sustainable and zero waste beauty. With 10 plus of experience on sustainability and compliance, she took plunge and decided to educate all the women out there on beauty, sustainability, zero-waste & clean/green beauty. She truly believes that climate change and personal choices are deeply connected when it comes to sustainability. Every week she will share excellent information on all thing beauty and will challenge you to think outside the box. Learn more about Glow & Green: http://glowngreen.com/ Like us on Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/glowngreen/?modal=admin_todo_tour Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/glowngreen/?hl=en Follow us on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glowngreen/

Whole & Well with Christie Noua, BSc., RHN., PTS

  • Publisher: Christie Noua BSc., RHN., PTS
  • Total Episodes: 6

My mission is to coach you to be empowered with nutrition and fitness…and this podcast is all that! I offer info, insight and practical tools to help you create a sustainable lifestyle that is healthy, balanced and adaptable. Every week tune into episodes and coaching sessions about health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, clean beauty & skincare and/or personal empowerment. Let’s get you to start thinking ‘whole’ so you’ll truly be well!

Co-Creation and Joy Radio — by Anastasia USA (Ringing Cedars)

  • Publisher: Anastasia USA
  • Total Episodes: 5

Co-Creation and Joy Radio is a show dedicated to the Kin’s Domain lifestyle, the beauty of life, and sharing it with everyone. Join us as we discuss ideas from the Ringing Cedars of Russia (aka Anastasia) book series by Vladimir Megré, have exciting interviews with different leaders in the sustainable and holistic worlds, and more! Joy and bright thoughts to you ❤️✨ Anastasia USA: https://anastasiausa.land

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