26 Great Books For An 18 Year Old Woman

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This article showcases our top picks for the Books For 18 Year Old Woman. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Neodymium Exodus by Jen Finelli

This product was recommended by Jen Finelli from Your Scifi and Superhero Sis

Young women aren’t a monolith these days; Wired reports that over 50 percent of science fiction fans are female, and yet not all scifi caters to us. The NEODYMIUM CHRONICLES star a young woman in her late teens as she discovers her place in a larger universe of sentient insectoids, purple jungles, and insane electromagnetic fields. She solves most problems by hitting harder, and never plays by her enemy’s rules—until a vengeful zealot forces her to choose between those she loves the most. She wrestles with the question of her own agency against the desire to be valued against a backdrop of the real concerns that women face in battle. Written by a military woman and physician, this is the story for your 18 year old woman who kicks butt and doesn’t want anyone putting her in a box.

So Here I Am by Anna Russell

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

At 18 years, every woman needs some good advice to get empowered and inspired, and this is the best book for that. It is all about women at the forefront of change – within human rights, media, science, and politics. Also, it is the first dedicated collection of seminal speeches from women across the globe discussing everything from race, gender, science discoveries, anti-war, free love, and women’s rights.

He’s Just Not That into You by Greg Behrendt

This product was recommended by Lynda Le from Polish Perfect

This international bestseller book will save you from wasting energy, time, and tears. The idea of the book is that if the guy likes you, he won’t let anything hinder his way in pursuing you. But, if he does, then it simply means that he’s not that into you so you better think – he might not be worth your time. Help yourself get rid of heartache and stress by reading this book. Stop chasing after guys who are not really into you. Look for a man who is worthy of your time because it’s clear to him that you are worthy of his.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This product was recommended by Maikel Michiels from The Unchained Life

As a young woman you will soon be going out there into the real world. In order to take care of yourself, you need to learn about money and how it works. If you do, you are going to be A-okay financially. If not, chances are that you will struggle instead. Rich Dad Poor Dad has been the most powerful book about money that I read when I was in my teens myself and would highly recommend it.

Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever! by Jacqui Olliver

This product was recommended by Jacqui Olliver from End The Problem

Her father’s suicide seemed to be a morbid ending to Jacqui Olliver’s teenage years of isolation, loneliness and not feeling wanted. Like many other experts, her life started out as a troubled teenager, working through the mental contamination associated with sexual abuse, low self-esteem, social anxiety, and depression. Emotional and intimacy issues which contaminate relationships are solved in this book along with a proven strategy for enhancing all aspects of personal connection. These insightful answers can transform an adult or teen from feeling frustrated, insecure and isolated into a happy, radiant and confident person.

The Insecure Girl’s Handbook by Olivia Purvis

This product was recommended by Ariel Baise from As Told by Ariel

I wish I would have read this book when I was 18 fresh out of high school and entering college. This book is a building block to building self-love and leans on the practical side of loving yourself. It’s a quick read and only 220 pages. Purvis is a blogger who knows how to handle the internet & social media, FOMO, and comparison. Throughout the book, she drops her own life stories while giving the reader advice like an older sister. She touches on insecurities, body acceptance, anxiety, and self-belief. I recommend this book because of the rise of social media and how teenagers have so much pressure nowadays. Purvis’s book is an easy self-help book perfect for any 18-year-old woman who wants to take the first step to accepting and loving herself.

101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think by Brianna Wiest

This product was recommended by Ariel Baise from As Told by Ariel

I think that an 18-year-old will benefit from the information from the novel and how easy the chapters are. Even though most of the essays are listicles, I think it has sizeable and sensible information for that age group. Wiest breaks down how to stop self-limiting beliefs and how to handle your thoughts. It’s perfect for any girl starting a self-love journey.

Your Adventure to Happiness Teen by Zakiyya Rosebelle

This product was recommended by Zakiyya Rosebelle from Happy Rosy Day

It’s a modern-day fairytale with self-love, adventure, and you as the main character. It is about learning to love yourself, following your dreams, and beautifying your life so you can discover true happiness from within. It’s a must-read for every 15 year old.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

This product was recommended by Alex Wan from Vinpit

18 years is the age where women undergo a cardinal transition in their lives. For that, guidance and counseling are equally important. In this book, the author, Amy Poehler, gives a wide range of anecdotes that are primarily anchored on the pillars of relationships and career. She encourages women to never give up and try new things until they find that particular thing that works for them. What makes it a great book is that most of the things shared by the author are things that a good percentage of girls don’t get the opportunity to be told by their loved ones in real life.

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

This product was recommended by Amy Davis from My Cat Needs This

Girl in Pieces is an emotional story of one girl’s life. It’s the perfect book for young adults because it portrays a strong female character who writes letters at 17, 20, 22 and 34. The agonizing reality is that everyone has problems. The fact is life can be messy. But Glasgow shows us how to pick up our pieces, survive -and even thrive–through something as devastating as child sexual abuse. This memoir tells the true story of one woman who refused to let her past keep her from living any longer–she was unafraid to confront her memories, determined not to pretend they didn’t exist-just so she could live more normally instead of feeling like she had this dark cloud resting over her head all the time.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

This product was recommended by April Maccario from Ask April

Books have been my go-to activity during my free time and thanks to these books, I have learned a lot about life. As for me, the best book for an 18-year-old woman is the book written by Maya Angelou which is entitled “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” that you can buy at Amazon. This book tackles how one should face the different trials of life and everyone should be ready about it. This also shows how powerful being optimistic is to everyone’s life.

Smoke and Summons by Charlie N. Holmberg

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

From the captivating world of monsters and magic, Wall Street Journal bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg introduces us to a trilogy that is sure to thrill and excite readers. The main protagonist Sandis leads an interesting life and has extraordinary abilities. Journeying towards her freedom with the most unexpected ally, Sandis discovers more about herself.

The College Girl’s Survival Guide by Hanna Seymour

This product was recommended by Cindy Corpis from SearchPeopleFree

This mindful book for 18 years older adults is loaded with experience-based suggestions, which can always be helpful for them. The author of this guide has been assisting the college girls in getting success. So, with its proven methodologies, strategies, motivating illustrations, and scriptures, this book will guide, comfort, and encourage young women to get the most of their college experience. Also, it has demonstrated the author’s best notions, insights, and study and relationship acumen.

White Oleander by Janet Fitch

This product was recommended by Eden Cheng from PeopleFinderFree

When this book was first released back in 1999, Oprah herself added it into her book club, which is what made it such a bestseller. It is a novel that is based on a 12-year-old girl named Astrid and her relationship with her mother, Ingrid, who happens to be a self-centered and eccentric poet. When Astrid’s mother finds herself put into prison for poisoning her boyfriend, Astrid ends up being bounced around from foster home to foster home. And the resulting story turns into one for older readers, as the narrative dives deeper into the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship that centers around the themes of betrayal and abandonment.

Adulting 101 by Josh Burnette

This product was recommended by Ashley Taylor from Top Vouchers Code

Having responsibilities and doing grown-up things isn’t an easy feat. From owning a house to finding a full-time job, all require quite a load of hard work and experience. Adulting 101 by Josh Burnette and Pete Hardesty is an amazing guide that will help you in teaching basic life skills that normally go untaught in classrooms. This book will guide you about things you need to succeed in life.

Go Bravely by Emily Wilson Hussem

This product was recommended by Ashley Taylor from Top Vouchers Code

Go Bravely by Emily Wilson Hussem offers 20 bits of advice that will help you tackle your deepest concerns about relationships, self-respect, and dating while strengthening your faith simultaneously.

Divergent By Veronica Roth

This product was recommended by Nikita Verma from PurpleCrest Management Consulting

For all the women transitioning from high school! This set of a dystopian page-turner with an underlying message involves a grueling initiation ritual to a hostile government takeover, that’s reminiscent of the experience of building and shaping a new life for 18-year-old girls in a college setting. From being unsure if you’re where you belong to leaving behind family and familiar surroundings, Divergent reminds us that no matter where we are in the 21st century or in the distant future, we are not alone in the challenges of growing up. Choosing your own career path can certainly feel like letting down those who raised you, particularly if there is a high expectation that you will join a family business or fulfill your parents’ dreams. Listening to your inner compass requires fortitude and a strong sense of self, as Beatrice did.

Blooming by Carrington Smith

This product was recommended by Olivia McCoy from Smith Publicity

Are you a little too comfortable with self-loathing? Tired of feeling like you are not enough? This book is for you. Carrington Smith spent a lifetime trying to be someone else—to fit in, to be loved, to keep the peace, and to make others happy. Until finally, Carrington discovered that her own path to happiness wasn’t based on fitting in but on standing out—celebrating her uniqueness and owning her past. Candid and raw, Blooming takes you on a treasure hunt to discover the gifts in the shit. Shit is quite literally fertilizer. It is in the messes, failures, trauma, and difficulties of life that we discover what we need to bloom into our greatness. From trauma to triumph, through the depths of sexual assault, religious mind-fuckery, family rejection, body dysmorphia, mid-life metamorphosis, physical scarring, and death into happiness, forgiveness, empathy, purpose, belonging, and joy, Blooming is a poignant, powerful account of finding your way through the shit.

Single Women and Money by Jill Gianola

This product was recommended by Lydia Rasmussen from Single Women and Money

Single Women and Money details the steps unmarried women–widows, divorcees and women who never wed– must take to secure their current and future finances. But as a breakthrough, it also points to the discriminatory ways single women have been left behind, financially. The book spells out the steps society (families, schools and public policies) must take to balance the scales to help single women achieve their goals-without feeling the need to marry to obtain the life they want.

The Cult of the Black Card by Leslie Montanile

This product was recommended by Leslie Montanile from Ask Leslie the Lawyer

This is the best book I have read in years. I simply could not put it down. The author tells the story of her life beautifully, and includes countless pieces of advice from her life as a young girl, into adulthood, and through her career. The book is full of relationship advice, career advice, life advice, and even advice about things that I didn’t expect. It is written with such beauty, intelligence, and raw truth that it was hard to even put it down. Do yourself a favor and get your hands on this book!!! A beautifully written perspective of a woman that has achieved so much and is a lifelong learner in all respects. The author takes you on her journey and makes you feel like her best friend or sister, giving you glances of her triumphs, challenges, and heartache all the while forever evolving into the person you know she was destined to become with all her wisdom and sage advice. A much loved read and highly recommend! If you are looking for a light, uplifting, and full of heart read …. this is the book for you! It’s about a Matrimonial Lawyers journey and life experiences. You quickly relate to The Author, Leslie Montanile. She is Savvy, Witty, funny, and REAL! Her words of Woman empowerment are a great takeaway. I so enjoyed this book, that I passed it on to my 18 yr old Daughter about to attend college this year, for some great life lessons! Highly recommend!

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

This 2013 book by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yousafzai (who was targeted by the Taliban for her outspokenness about the significance of girls’ education) is incredibly inspirational and should be mandatory reading for any young person as a first-person account of how, with passion and dedication, anybody can change the world.

The House on Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

This book is a classic for a reason. It is told in a succession of smaller, more in-depth, and detailed chapters, which may be a new approach for young readers. In this 110-page book, the main character, a young Latina girl in Chicago, is coming of age and, like your own adolescent, determines who and what she will become. This is a title that your child will want to read more than once since it is relatable and engaging.

Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson by Judy Blume

This product was recommended by Yuuna Morishita from The Japanese Way

This is a must-read book for young women ages 18, and the amazing point is that mothers and young brothers can also read this book then they can share their ideas and thoughts about the book and also, have a discussion about the events and circumstances of the story. Also, it’s fluid to read, address the friendship and sibling relationship at a young age. It’s the kind of book that would strengthen the value of relationships.

18 Year Old Coloring Book by Eighteens Press

This product was recommended by Cathy Mills from Net Influencer

Coloring will always be a very relaxing activity for any age. However, this book dedicated to 18-year-old woman is very entertaining because it has several very funny phrases like I can’t keep calm, I am eighteen. It will be an excellent gift for girls of this age as it is a different, yet unique book with designs of mandalas and flowers.

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

This product was recommended by Sandra S. from AbsoluteDoha

This is a book of inspiration for all 18 age women. It’s a powerful poetry book about xiomara who uses poetry to cope with questioning her mother’s religion and her coming of age as well. The author crafts unique storylines along with inspiring poems. Also, it discusses critical points in teens’ life such as sexual harassment, and very strict mothers, and other topics! It’s a must-read book!

Odd Girl Out, Revised and Updated by Rachel Simmons

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

Coming of age and going from a girl to a woman is a daunting time for any girl. There’s what your parents expect, what society expects, and then there’s your expectations and experiences. All girls are shaped early; many struggles to define their real identity. Many struggle to fit in as they explore life. Other girls’ attitudes to one another compound this. All raised early to compete in sports, love, academia – few raised to support and stand by another. This book examines and discusses the culture behind why girls are so ugly to other girls. It’s a must-read for young ladies to gain insight into what is, and it’s uplifting on what should be. It’s also been updated to include cyberbullying, which is a pro.

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