4 Essentials to Help Hot Sleepers Stay Cool

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4 Essentials to Help Hot Sleepers Stay Cool

One obstacle that keeps millions of people from sleeping well is not being cool enough. While it may vary a few degrees from person to person, doctors generally recommend an atmosphere of 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for the most comfortable sleep.

However, even the recommended ideal temperature might not be enough to help hot sleepers stay cool throughout the night. While some individuals have underlying health issues or their attempts to beat stress are making them sweat night and day, there are a few essential things that can help hot sleepers stay cool.

1. Give Your Bedroom the Goldilocks Treatment

A lot of people have made the business trip mistake of booking a room for a week and finding out too late that even with the air conditioning running, it’s just too hot to sleep. Luckily, that’s just a once-in-a-while encounter for most of us. However, others may experience that issue in their own bedrooms.

If you have your air conditioner blasting away at night but are still waking up hot, you may want to get a cooling mattress. This type of bed helps carry heat away from your body faster and can give you a more pleasant sleeping experience.

Additionally, there are a lot of great bamboo products available these days, and one that you should definitely check out is bamboo sheets. These types of sheets are generally three degrees cooler than traditional cotton options, which can make a big difference throughout the night. Try to stay away from wool and fleece sheets, blankets, and even pajamas. Light polyester PJs can draw away moisture if you must wear pajamas, keeping your body cooler.

Lastly, don’t sleep with your laptop, tablet, or cellphone on the bed. While they may be the last thing you look at before sleep and the first thing you check upon awakening, those devices emit heat. Put them on a desk across the room or, better yet, ban them from the bedroom altogether. The blue light they emit could be affecting your overall quality of sleep.

2. Get Enough Air Flow

Even if the room is a cool 62 degrees, many hot sleepers will still find it a little uncomfortable. A ceiling fan can help keep the cool air circulating, but an oscillating fan can help you stay cooler since it sweeps across a person’s face and head at regular intervals.

3. Skip the Cuddling

Break the habit of cuddling as you fall asleep. You love your significant other, and while snuggling can be super enjoyable in the winter, it can be a massive obstacle for hot sleepers throughout the rest of the year. Scoot over a few inches and put some space between you. If you sleep with a pet that loves sleeping right next to you, it’s time to relegate them to their own beds if you want to sleep cooler at night.

Replace them with a repurposed plastic water bottle. Fill it halfway with water and freeze it during the day. Set it next to you or under the edge of your pillow for a nice cooling effect.

4. Prepare for Bed

A great way to lower your body temperature a little is by taking a cool shower before crawling into bed. It can also help you relax, and when you couple that by putting on a clean pair of pajamas and climbing onto your cooling mattress, it can make a huge difference.

Additionally, drinking a cold glass of water can cool you down even more.

Helping to cool your body down throughout the night can ensure that you sleep better, making you feel better through the day and more productive. If you implement some of the tips we shared today, you’re almost certain to sleep better tonight.

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