5 Best Women’s Workout Apps (No Gym Membership Required)

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You don’t need a gym membership to start getting into shape. The simplest exercises are often the most transformative. That’s why we’re recommending a new way to work out, set goals and track your progress.

All in one app, you’re able to receive tips, record your workout stats and learn new exercises so you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over. What’s great is that these apps get updated frequently, providing new content for you to gobble up. 

We found these apps to be the most usable while maintaining our interest. Definitely give them a go, even if it’s just for 5 minutes – we’re sure you’ll get even further!

#1 And/Life Fitness App

The AND/life fitness app travel product recommended by Holly Haworth on Pretty Progressive.

The AND/life app provides users with a shame-free, totally doable approach to health with uber customizable workouts and no-brainer recipes. A pocket personal trainer designed for super-busy people, users can achieve their health goals without calorie-counting and food elimination, long, grueling workouts or cramping their social life. But what truly sets this app apart is its habit tracker, which ensures that each user’s goals are at the front of their mind, so the neurological patterns responsible for creating habits have a better chance of being made.

A subscription to this app is perfect for anyone looking to make valuable changes to their lives, develop healthy habits, and finally get in shape, once and for all.


#2 99 Walks

The 99 Walks Fit travel product recommended by Christina Towle on Pretty Progressive.

99 Walks is a monthly walking challenge app that inspires you to get up, get moving, and crush your walking goals! 99 Walks provides all the tools you need, including a walk tracker app, daily walking classes, team support and a welcoming and motivational community of like-minded women.

It’s a community of women Improving Wellness & Inspiring Happiness through the simple act of walking together. Inspirational exercise classes, podcasts, meditation and workout music to keep going. Monthly rewards for reaching your walking goals. Join with friends or make new friends to keep you motivated.


#3 Sportme Cross Trainer & Coach

The SportMe Cross Trainer & Coach travel product recommended by Andrew Greenstein on Pretty Progressive.

SportMe Trainer combines the best of personal training with the ease and low cost of home workouts.

Browse through various training packs and pick the one that suits you best. Have questions? Shoot us a note through the app and the trainer who designed the workout will response within 24 hours, and often much faster. Need to modify a workout? Request a customized workout and one of our trainers will help you out. Getting fit is tough; you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

SportMe Trainer was designed by trainers who wanted to help more people get in shape while still being able to offer personalized guidance and support.


#4 Fitbit Coach

The Fitbit Coach travel product recommended by Sadi Khan on Pretty Progressive.

This app collects data from your wearable to recommend exercises that are solely meant for you and your current fitness state. It has customized coaching with personalized video workouts that show you the moves and provide step-by-step coaching, motivation, and tips.


#5 Zombies, Run!

The Zombies, Run! travel product recommended by Jovan Milenkovic on Pretty Progressive.

It’s an excellent running app for everyone who gets easily bored and needs some distractions to keep going with their exercise plan. What I love about this app is the fact it’s based on a made-up story, which makes you forget you’re doing exercises. It’s based on premisses that zombies exist, and you are running away from them to save humanity. There are 23 missions to pick before you start running. The story begins with a scene, and we hear an introductory dialogue with other characters. After around two minutes, we’re dropped into the music playlist, during which we occasionally listen to a voice saying either Collected a bottle of water, or Collected a medkit, or Warning: Zombies [X] Meters which is our cue to run.


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