5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Science

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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Science

Do you need to get a gift for a kid who’s interested in the sciences but aren’t sure what to get? We can help with our birthday gift idea guide for kids who love science!


Every young scientist needs a quality microscope for their lab! A first microscope is an excellent gift for kids who are interested in their surroundings and want to learn more about the microscopic world around them.

You can find simple microscopes for beginners or more advanced ones for those who have used them before. Consider also getting them some prepared slides with pre-made microscopic samples from animals, insects, plants, and even bacteria.


If the kid is more interested in looking up at the sky instead of down at the ground, a quality telescope would be a great gift! Every young kid can benefit from a telescope to look up at the sky at night and learn more about our world and its solar system.

There are plenty of simple but useful first telescopes for kids learning about astronomy and more advanced telescopes for budding astronomers. Also, consider a constellation map or star finder of the sky in your region so that the young astronomer can search the night sky.

3D Printer

Many people believe that 3D printers could one day be as common in households as regular paper printers. If you’re getting a birthday gift for a kid who loves science, particularly engineering, a 3D printer is an excellent idea.

Some believe that 3D printers are expensive, but many small, easy-to-use models are affordable, especially pre-owned machines. A 3D printer is a great way to familiarize a kid with new technologies that may become common soon, and there are plenty of simple 3D printing projects you can try with kids.

Chemistry Set

Does the child you’re shopping for like to experiment and always ask why things are the way they are? A chemistry set of lab supplies and experiments is a great way to nurture their interest in science!

A first chemistry set is a fun and educational gift for kids of all ages as it gives them the basic lab tools they need (test tubes, eye droppers, scale, etc.) to conduct experiments with everyday items. Plus, many of them come with manuals and guides to simple home experiments that can teach kids the basics of chemistry.

Bug Kit

If the gift is for a budding naturalist, consider a toy bug-catching kit! For the kids who love to be in nature and hunt for critters, a bug kit is the perfect gift and comes with useful tools like nets, shovels, and small terrariums to hold the insects.

It’s a great gift for kids interested in insects and gives them a reason to go outside and experience nature!

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