5 Different Linens To Give An Elegant Look To Your Room

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The power of visual stimuli should never be underestimated but rather should be understood in its entirety and harnessed effectively to ensure that your room does not just feel comfortable but looks the part as well. If you are running out of decor ideas or don’t want to spend too much of your well-earned money, then this article is ideal for you. As herein, you shall find comfortable yet attractive linens that shall help uplift the aesthetic quotient of your room quite significantly.

Start with the curtains

The aesthetics of a room are defined as much by the color scheme of the walls as they are defined by the curtains. Keeping this in mind, most people go for contrasting shades of color, which could become a problem if your walls are of a darker shade because in that case, not only you will need to choose the right shade of contrast but also factor in the opacity of the curtains.

The next area of focus is the fabric used. For most people, the obvious answer is a faux silk, as it gives your room that added touch of elegance while ensuring durability as well. However, if you are not that concerned with durability, going with either velvet or silk curtains would be ideal.

For bedsheets, try choosing from shades of blue

Given the fact that you’d change the sheets regularly, it is advised to choose shades of blue. According to Travelodge, the most soothing effect was experienced by those who inhabited rooms with shades of blue. But, while it can be tough and perhaps even counterintuitive to drape the entire room in shades of blue, it is certainly something that can be managed for sheets.

The quilt covers ought to complement the bedsheet

A quilt cover is an item with which you can experiment the most in terms of decor, given that it serves only two functions. First, it should be comforting to touch and attractive to look at. Given that most attractive linens may not be as comfortable, our choices are somewhat limited.

Having said that, a beautiful quilt cover with an immaculate pattern would not do justice to the aesthetics of the room if it didn’t complement the color scheme of the bed, which in this case is being defined by the sheets. Shades of blue are most often complemented by shades of white and beige, which exude tranquillity and stability. Choosing super king quilt covers for your bedroom helps eliminate quality concerns while at the same time ensuring that you can find the right fit for your decor.

Pillow covers may be small but are by no means insignificant

Given that your head rests on the pillow, it is not only the first thing you see every day but also happens to be the last. Numerous studies have discussed the importance of the first hour after waking up and the last hour before falling asleep.

Choose a color that speaks to you and your aesthetic vision and one that is not too bright nor too loud (as some colors tend to be). Pillow covers often come with bedsheets, which might not give us too much space to choose separate colors or covers altogether.

If most of your bedsheets are shades of the same color, you can always mix and match a little bit. It would not only enhance the visual appeal of the bed but would also give you a sense of joy each time you enter the room and notice the effects of your handiwork.

You always can add your personal creative touch to your bedding by creating custom printed pillows or pillow cases. 

Drape the bed in a color of your choosing

This last cloth could be slightly heavier on the pocket, but the aesthetic impact a four-poster bed can have on a room should not be underestimated.

It can hide your bed completely when you feel that the sheets or the decor of the bed are no longer in sync with that of the room. Just as easily, the drapes can be rolled up to reveal a bed that highlights the shades of the walls, curtains, and rugs. While Chintz and tapestry tend to be the more popular choices when it comes to canopies, some tend to go with muslin or silk to give it that added flair.


If you are considering redecorating your room, then starting with the linens is the ideal first place to begin. Many instances of people envisaged an elegant bedroom and managed to get that effect by merely choosing the ideal linen for their rooms.

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