5 Essential and Simple Ways to Help Save the Ocean

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essentail and simple ways to help save the ocean

The ocean is an irreplaceable resource that is vital to life on Earth. However, pollution and overfishing threaten the health of our seas each day.To create a more promising future, there are plenty of simple ways to help save the ocean that you can do every day to protect and preserve the deep blue sea.

Adopt a vegetarian diet

Eating a vegetarian diet as much as possible will help cut down on the high demand for seafood which contributes to destructive overfishing in our oceans. If you do choose to eat fish, make sure to verify that it is sustainably sourced.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint refers to the amount of harmful carbon compound emissions you produce via your consumption of fossil fuels. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, these emissions cause changes in the ocean’s chemistry, circulation, and sea levels as well as impact the diversity and abundance of marine life. As such, it is important to take measures to decrease your carbon footprint. These can be as simple as taking the bus, turning off the lights when you leave the room, or simply filling your tires with air to make your car more fuel-efficient.

Cut down on plastic

Single-use plastics don’t just disappear after you throw them in the trash. Often, they make their way into our oceans and threaten the lives of the marine creatures who live there. Try to cut back on your use of wasteful plastic by opting for reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and food containers instead.

Use all-natural sunscreens

Using an all-natural sunscreen isn’t just better for your skin, it is also better for our oceans. When we wear sunscreen and then go swimming at the beach, the sea becomes contaminated with the chemicals on our skin. In an effort to conserve the health of marine ecosystems, it is important to choose sunscreens that don’t contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, zinc, PABA, or parabens.

Tidy up beaches

When spending time on or near beaches, take the initiative to pick up litter when you see it. Collecting just one piece of trash could end up saving an animal’s life who would have otherwise mistakenly consumed it, causing them harm.

While it’s easy to underestimate our impact on the world, remember that practicing these simple ways to help save the ocean can end up making a big difference.

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