5 Fashion Dos (and Don’ts) of Wearing Multiple Rings

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Do you see fashion models and celebrities who wear multiple rings but you aren’t sure if you could rock the look?

Wearing multiple rings is a cool way to make a statement with your look without being too flashy. They’re fun to coordinate with your outfits and add some sparkle.

Not sure how to do it without going overboard? We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn how to wear multiple rings when you’re nervous about them.

1. Do: Have a Statement Piece

Adding a single statement ring to each hand really makes your jewelry look pop. Statement pieces draw the eye. Coordinating them with the rest of your outfit takes it to a whole new level.

Whether you want a large metal ring or a ring with fun colors, adding one of these to your hand will make an impact.

2. Don’t: Have Too Many Statement Pieces

As we said, we love a good statement piece. There’s nothing wrong with being flashy.

That being said, if you have too many statement pieces, they’re no longer statement pieces at all. It can create a clustered look, which likely isn’t what you’re going for. Instead, use some understated rings that you can stack together (like wholesale jewelry, for example) to compliment the statement piece.

Add one or two per hand depending on how you’re arranging your jewelry and leave it at that. The only exception is if you like the cluttered and kitschy look, in which case, make a statement!

3. Do: Match Other Jewelry

Do you wear other jewelry aside from rings? It’s a good idea to coordinate your rings with whatever else you happen to be wearing for the day to get a cool and cohesive look going on.

When your rings, bracelets, and necklace all match, it creates a nice triangle shape. It moves the eyes around in a pleasing way.

While we love mixing metals (see tip #4!), making sure that there is some kind of matching element is a good way to bring your outfit together.

4. Don’t: Be Afraid to Mix Metals

Mixing metals used to be considered a serious fashion faux-pas, but for what reason? While many of us have a favorite metal that goes well with our skin tone or style (we’re rose-gold fans ourselves) adding new colors into the mix is fun and a good way to freshen up your look.

Mixing tones of gold, or even gold with silver or titanium mixed in can jazz up your hands.

5. Do: Carry Yourself With Confidence

Some people are worried about looking gaudy when they have too many rings on. Feeling this way can show on your face. If you carry yourself with confidence, people will perceive your overabundance of jewelry as a cool look instead of an unusual quirk.

While the rings are naturally attention-grabbing, don’t draw more attention to them by fiddling and asking people if they’re okay. You look cool!

Wear Multiple Rings for a Stylish Look

If you want to wear multiple rings, wear them with your head held high! Mix and match and find the look that works for you. You’re not going overboard as long as you love what you’re wearing.

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