5 Methods To Fix an Incohesive Home Design

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5 Methods To Fix an Incohesive Home Design

For your whole adult life, you’ve likely collected decor items that you’ve placed all over your home. Now that all the pieces have fallen into place, nothing seems to match. This is a common occurrence. Continue reading to learn five methods to fix an incohesive home design.

Design Inspiration

The best way to know what new items to shop for is to know what you want the final product to resemble. Find a color palette and a design aesthetic to help start the decorating process.

If you’re looking to make your home feel more rustic, implement wooden design pieces and earth-toned colors. Or maybe you want a clean aesthetic, so you want neutral tones all over with a simple accent color to brighten the space.

Donate Unwanted Decor

Your style changes as you age. Go through your current decor items and make two piles: one for items that you can see potential in keeping and one for items to donate.

Remember to always donate items rather than throw away pieces that no longer suit you! Just because the decor doesn’t fit within your style doesn’t mean someone else won’t adore it!

Mix Old and New Decor

The key to fixing an incohesive home design is to incorporate new items with the old decor items you decide to keep.

Picture Frames

Picture frames showcase photos and art. You can choose between a variety of styles of metal or wooden frames that suits your color palette and decor theme.

Decide how you to display these pictures. Some people love large wall collages of frames and hanging art, while others love minimal standing frames on side tables and entertainment centers.

Furniture Accents

Everyone has an old couch or recliner that doesn’t suit their desired home design at some point in their lives. If you don’t have the funds to find a brand-new couch, don’t worry! You can always start small by finding a small furniture accent piece that brings your home together. Maybe it’s a brightly patterned accent chair or an intricate wooden coffee table.

Add an Area Rug

Believe it or not, rugs are an essential design tool that brings a space together. Make sure the rug matches your color palette and aesthetic, and find the proper style and size.

Create Consistent Lighting

Different rooms of the home can have different lighting arrangements. To create a cohesive design, add lighting in spaces where you need it. Maybe you need an extra lamp on the side table or a tall light that illuminates more of the room. Blending rooms together with light can create a bright, open space.

Donating old items and shopping for something new is a difficult process. It takes time to know what you do or don’t need. But when you take your time and spot a unique item in your shopping endeavors, you’ll know it’s for you.

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