5 Reasons Cosmetic Surgery Is Not a ‘Beauty Treatment’

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Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly being normalised through the media and social media networks, who are undermining its permanency and painting it, almost, as a kind of ’beauty treatment’. This is not only wrong, but also socially irresponsible.

The FaceBible, based in the luxury Sofitel Hotel at Heathrow Terminal 5, offers a range of cosmetic and skin care treatments with an emphasis on ethics and safety. Here they give their 5 reasons why cosmetic surgery should never be considered a ‘beauty treatment’.

  1. It’s permanent – a cosmetic procedure isn’t something that you can rub off with some micellar water (unlike a makeover) or simply ‘wait to grow out’ (unlike a haircut). Cosmetic surgery will permanently alter your appearance – the effects are irreversible.
  2. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly – don’t be deceived by trendy Botox pop up shops, peer pressure or social media influencers; any kind of advanced cosmetic procedure deserves a great deal of consideration.
  3. It’s a medical procedure – like a lot of skincare products, Botox promises to rid you of wrinkles. The difference is that Botox is more physical, blocking muscular nerve signals which weakens or nullifies muscle contractions. Don’t tell yourself this is ‘just’ Botox, as there’s a lot more to it.
  4. You are taking a risk – as with all surgeries, there is a certain level of risk with cosmetic procedures that isn’t found with mere beauty treatments – botched Botox and lip fillers are very real and very serious. Be sure to take this into consideration.
  5. Non-invasive surgery – cosmetic surgeries such as Botox and dermal fillers are non-invasive, meaning there is no incision into the body, but are still a considerable step from beauty treatments. Cosmetic procedures involve injections like in platelet-rich plasma skin treatment and needles, unlike a facial or a manicure.

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More on The FaceBible

Based near Heathrow Airport (ultra-convenient for a pre-trip beauty treatment!), The FaceBible was founded by Dr Raj Arora, a UK based GP with over 10 years of medical experience. Having worked in a number of fields ranging from surgery to dermatology and general medicine, Dr Arora now has her focus on aesthetics and skincare – and the ethics behind them.

The FaceBible offers a wide range of cosmetic and skin care treatments, including the typical Botox and Lip Fillers. But where FaceBible differs is through their strong emphasis on safety and ethical practices. They want to know what every client wants to achieve, but more importantly, they want to know why they want it. The FaceBible’s mission is to offer a safe and ethically driven alternative within the increasingly money-oriented beauty and skincare industry.

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