5 Specific Ways Female Students Fight for Gender Equality

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We celebrate International Day for girl children, but there is a considerable gap and inequality in many terms compared to men. In the 21st century, it is about time women take to their own rights, fight for themselves, and not wait for others. 

Together, we can and will be able to slowly remove all the inequalities that exist in society. Women do not wait for anything to change. It is time to bring that change on your own. There are ways you can do that, and they are quite possible. 

Become your own advocate

There is nothing greater and more powerful than speaking and standing up for yourself. In this world that still sees gender inequality, women must take to the center stage to talk about their rights. Women hold equal power and rights as men, and every woman must know that. 

If there is no one to support you, do not worry or back down for equal rights. Realize the true potential that lies in individuality and girl power. Education, food, and equal pay are your rights, and no one can take them away from you. The power goes in another person’s hand when you allow them to take over. 

Know your rights 

As a female student, you may face problems related to gender inequalities and how one should fight if they are unaware of these rights. A good way to appraise yourselves for your rights is by reading about them. Look for womens rights essay samples for American students available on Samplius. These free essay samples are great for a student to understand first and then fight for their right. Do not worry until you have the power of education and awareness. 

You will be able to sail through and even make a change if you stay determined to fight for yourself and other women around you. The fact that you are in college and studying what you like means that you are in a position of power to help out all those women who dream of studying and going to college. Join an NGO or a support group to amplify your efforts and bring change at a higher magnitude.

Use your education to fight 

Education is a blessing in every person’s life. If you are in college or a student, then use your education as a power to make a change. Write about the inequality you see or face around you. Writing has a profound and powerful impact and can bring forward thoughts and opinions in ways that perhaps no other medium can.

Teachers and professors must also take to addressing gender stereotypes in classroom and communicate with people and talk about women’s rights. Use your knowledge to spread the word and make more people aware of the law, regulations, and punishments in the judiciary system and ways women can leverage these rights. 

Support other women 

A saying that holds significant meaning, when women support one another, powerful things happen. As an educated girl student, you truly have the power to help many women who may not enjoy the rights that you already do. Simple ways to do so is to talk around and with underprivileged women deprived of their fundamental human rights or rights to education. 

Stand tall and strong in support and join movements aimed at bringing forward missing rights for women. Awareness is the first step to change, and a great way to begin is by educating women about their rights. Now, there are plenty of ways to do the same. Pick and choose how and where you wish to start. 

Speak up whenever needed

Speak up for yourself and for other women each time you experience misogyny or inequality in any manner. Highlight whenever someone says something incorrect to women. Make people around you aware that you are here to make a change and will not back down on anything that hinders you on your path. 

Encourage others around you to understand more minor signs of inequality. Each time you speak up, you inspire other women to understand and take their rights seriously and speak up when they experience anything that does not feel right. 


Fight for every right that you do not get. Remember that in today’s world, there is no space for inequality. Women are as capable as men in every field and are entitled to fair pay, just behavior, and equal respect in society. Talk to people who are not aware. Seek help from men and appraise them of situations and the need to speak up against any kind of violence or unjust behavior and attitude towards women. 

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