5 Ways to Use Marijuana for Health

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Marijuana might have been legalized only recently however, it has been used in societies for thousands of years. Marijuana is one of the most popular illicit substances in the world and is used not only recreationally, but also to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, marijuana can be used as a sleep aid or relieve pain in people and even animals. The medical research on the health benefits of marijuana is still new and limited because the FDA still classifies it as a schedule 1 substance which means that it has not been accepted for medical use and has a high potential for abuse. On the other hand, some states have legalized marijuana for recreational use while other states only allow marijuana to be used with a medical certificate. If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to healing, here are 5 ways that you can use marijuana to improve your health.

Dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are inhalation devices that produce vapor instead of smoke making them much healthier than other inhalation methods of consumption such as joints. Because of this, dry herb vaporizers like these at MagicVaporizers, have become quite popular and are available at many online and physical stores. Vaporizers are portable and convenient handheld devices that include a mouthpiece, chamber, and a battery. You have the power to determine your heating temperature depending on what type of effects you want to experience. There is no combustion involved with this method which is what makes it healthier on your lungs and throat. The onset is almost immediate with a peak time of 10-15 minutes and a total duration of 1-3 hours.


Tinctures are a very popular marijuana product used in the medical marijuana community. It is dry herbs that have been dissolved in alcohol to form a strong concentrate and it needs to be consumed sublingually by placing a few drops underneath your tongue for roughly 2 minutes before swallowing. When consumed this way, the tinctures enter your bloodstream within minutes. You also have the option to add tinctures into your food or beverages which allows them to pass through your digestive system. This consumption method is more potent than some other more traditional methods of consumption and it is popular for medical use because it is a healthy way to consume that does not involve combustion. There are also no known side effects that come with consuming tinctures. The onset is a few minutes and the effects last between 2-4 hours.

Marijuana bath salts

Bathing is a great wellness practice with many health benefits including stress relief, the release of muscle aches, and overall putting the mind, body, and soul in a state of relaxation and calm. A way to further enhance this experience is to use marijuana bath salts which are bath salts that contain marijuana. When you run your bath, you add the bath salts and allow them to dissolve and infuse into the water before you get in. The marijuana-infused bath salts will absorb into your pores and enter into your bloodstream which will allow you to reap the benefits. This is a healthy way to consume and amplifies the relaxing and calming effects. You will start feeling the effects after about 30 minutes and you will feel the effects well after you exit the bath.


Edibles are a popular marijuana consumption method that involves food and drink products that contain cannabis. Edibles come in a variety of food, drink, and baked goods including gummies, cake, and sparkling water. When you consume edibles, the cannabis enters your body via the digestive system and the liver which is a healthy way to consume and carries no side effects. The onset time is a maximum of 2 hours and the effects can be experienced for upwards of 12 hours.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs are a water filtration device similar in appearance to a bong except it has a more intricate design and contains extra components which include a nail made from quartz or titanium. Dab rigs also work with wax instead of dry herbs and this device produces vapor instead of smoke making it a lot healthier. To consume with this device, your dab rig gets heated using a blowtorch and when the wax is placed inside, a vapor is immediately created. The onset is almost instantly and the effects last between 3-5hours long.

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