6 Cool Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

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You’ve probably known someone in your family or circle of friends who smells divine and wondered how they manage that. Perfumes usually have a pleasing appearance, which improves your mood and confidence.

Everyone wants to look attractive and smell good all day, but how we apply our perfume plays a key role. I know that smelling wonderful all day makes you feel good. Where do you generally keep your perfume bottles?

So let’s talk about the storage, where to put your perfume, when to put it on, and how to make your perfume stay longer.

1. After showering, spray your perfume

After you’ve taken a shower, spray your perfume. The perfume will adhere to the skin because the skin is moist and warm after the shower. If you can’t apply it after showering or if you forget to spray it, apply it at least 30 minutes before going out.

Where do you keep your perfume, by the way? Stop keeping it outside, near windows, or in the bathroom, if you are doing so. The sun and heat accelerate the deterioration of the aroma. Even the dampness in the bathroom evaporates your perfume, so store it somewhere cool and in dark places.

2. Spray your perfume on your wrist and at your pulse point

Always apply perfume on the pulse spots, including the wrist, behind the ears, neck, and back of the elbows. These are the spots where the skin is always thin and heated. As a result, the warmth of the skin allows the perfume to attach and stay on the skin for extended period without wearing off.

Never rub your wrists after spraying your perfume on them. It causes the perfume’s top notes to be broken. As a result, dab it rather than rub it.

3. Before applying perfume, apply a non-scented moisturiser

Always use a non-scented moisturiser on the areas where your perfume is applied. On the pulse spots, to be sure. If you don’t have a non-scented moisturiser, dab Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying the perfume.

This aids in the long-term preservation of your perfume by locking the fragrance. Always remember that perfume lasts longer on hydrated skin, but it lasts only a few hours on dry skin.

4. To make the scent remain longer, layer with different perfumes

There are several perfumes in the market like Ariana Grande perfume, Calvin kelvin, Gucci flora, etc. But, are you aware that you can create your own fragrance? By using this method, you can create a distinct smell for yourself. Layering scents is what I’m talking about. You can layer up to three scents, but not more than that.

Because combining more than three perfumes dilutes the scent, losing its authenticity. Also, only blend perfumes with the same base ingredients; mixing perfumes with different base ingredients will cause your perfume to smell weird. Finally, when you layer your perfume, it lasts longer and has a more realistic scent

5. For quick touch-ups, spray perfume on cotton swabs and store them in Ziplock bags

Isn’t carrying cotton swabs easier than carrying the entire perfume bottle? So, if you’re going on a trip, you might want to prefer to bring some perfume-sprayed cotton swabs with you.

Spray your cotton swabs with perfume and keep them in zip lock bags. Make sure your cotton swab is saturated with the sprayed perfume and place it in the zip lock bag right away.

These cotton swabs can be used for quick touch-ups and can be applied to your pulse points. This allows you to have a great aroma all day without worrying about smelling awful. It also adds to the excitement of your journey.

6. For a long-lasting scent, spray an alcohol-free perfume on your hair

You can also spray your perfume on your hair if you want a uniform scent all over your body. However, make sure your perfume does not contain any alcohol, as alcohol has an adverse effect on your hair.

Also, avoid spritzing your perfume directly on your hair. Instead, comb your hair after spraying a little amount of scent on your comb. In this manner, you may use your perfume to make your hair smell great as well.


Bad odours lower our self-esteem and make us hesitant to communicate with others. As a result, smelling pleasant all day is helpful. However, how you apply a perfume determines how long it lasts. Hopefully, this article has clarified the steps involved in using perfume to make it stay longer.

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