6 Small Ways to Make a Difference in the World Year-Round

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6 Small Ways to Make a Difference in the World Year-Round

There are many steps one can take to make an impact on this world, and too often, we forget that a small impact still makes a difference. We don’t have to be the next MLK, but we can be the next superhero in someone else’s story. There are so many small ways to make a difference in this world—whether it’s the way you interact with a stranger or the way you care for the planet. Small steps still take you somewhere! Take a look below at some of our favorite ways to make the world a better, sweeter, safer place.

Set Up Recurring Donations

Donations are a simple way to have a big effect. You can support organizations that are making grassroots efforts to help others. You can support organizations, like the Purple Heart, that provide safety to those in need. Whatever you choose (and you can choose more than one!), set it up so that they get recurring donations. These can be monetary, or you can even set up monthly clothing donations. These little steps make a big impact!

Volunteer Consistently

In that same vein, try to volunteer as often as you can. Head to the local soup kitchen, help out at the next run for a cause event, or support children in the community with the Boys and Girls Club. The options are infinite, and the more consistent you make them, the bigger the impact you’ll have on those involved. You could build incredible, life-long relationships!

Spread Kindness Constantly

It’s easy to be harsh when our days don’t go as planned. Don’t let this affect how you speak to others and how you influence a room. Strive for kindness constantly. Whether it’s a soft smile, a kind eye, or a simple gesture, kindness spreads like wildfire.

Leave Places Better Than You Found Them

Your parents probably told you this at some point, but it’s a saying we often forget. It’s not just about cleaning up after ourselves, but rather it’s how we should go through life. Leaving places better than you found them has to do with your attitude and generosity. Maybe you leave it better by helping someone feel loved—that makes a long-lasting impression on the atmosphere of a room. Strive for this as often as possible!

Support Local Often

Another small way to make a difference comes from the places you shop. Are you supporting local, small businesses, or are you falling for big corporations? Are you supporting minority-owned businesses? Female-owned businesses? In what ways do you strive to bring support to under-valued populations? Shopping with them is a fantastic place to start!

Make Eco-Conscious Decisions Always

Living a more eco-friendly life is a big bundle of ways to make a difference, all wrapped up in one. Eco-friendly decisions are something you can always strive for, no matter what’s going on. Typically, there’s some path you can take that’s at least a little more eco-conscious than the other. If you can’t bike to work, maybe you can carpool. If you can’t cut out meat entirely, maybe you can choose to only eat fish. Think about the greener path, and try to take that instead!

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