6 Unhealthy Habits to Kick in the New Year

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6 Unhealthy Habits to Kick in the New Year

With the new year in full swing, you’re probably thinking quite a bit about your resolutions for this fresh start. 2020 brings a new decade, which is an excellent opportunity for some positive change. While you’ll want to include some healthy habits to conquer in the new year, we also want to make sure you take time to eliminate bad habits. Keep taking steps forward—add some of these unhealthy habits to kick in the new year to your resolution list. You won’t regret it!

Staying Inside All Day Long

Many people have the habit of staying inside all day long—especially in the winter. This year, try to get outside more each day—and not just a walk to and from your car. Not only will you give your body the vitamin D that it craves, but fresh air and sunshine will boost your mind and mood as well!

Poor Posture

Whether you sit in a chair all day at work or you come home from the day and slouch until bedtime, another unhealthy habit to kick is bad posture. Though it may seem like nothing at the time, poor posture has big consequences. It can lead to muscle strain, spine misalignment, worsened osteoporosis, and more! If you notice poor posture, fix it—your body will get used to the better posture in no time.

Hardly Sleeping

Sleep is one of the most vital times for your body to revitalize. A great mattress like a Beautyrest Black is the foundation for getting a good night’s sleep. When you limit that time, you hurt your body in various ways. Try to increase your sleep time by just a few more hours. The closer you can get to the seven- to nine-hour mark, the better. 

Drinking Too Much

Drinking affects your body in so many ways—from dried-out skin to some major heart problems. Though it can be incredibly difficult for some people and seemingly easy for others, do your best to limit—or completely remove—alcohol from your diet. Moderation goes a long way in making your body healthier and your mood happier.


This is a habit that many, many people struggle with every day. Start the new year and the new decade fresh by quitting negative self-talk. Try to counteract those negative statements and thoughts with some self-affirmations instead. The more you work at it, the easier it will be to turn bad days into positive growth.

Caffeine Intake

Those three cups of coffee you drink every day? Try limiting it to one! Though too much coffee may stave off exhaustion, it’s not good at all for your health. Try sleeping, exercising, and drinking more water to counteract that decrease in your caffeine intake. Once your body gets used to it, you’ll feel much fresher throughout the day!

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