7 Gorgeous Clothing Brands That Support The Feminist Cause

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Feminism is that idea that supports equality for everyone regardless of the different individual characteristics. All shall be treated in a non-discriminatory way be it in front of the law, institutional power structures or in person-to-person relationships.

Such a positive ideal can only bring about a fairer society for us all to co-exists in. So why not help it grow so we can all share the benefits it brings about? We all like to look good and nice wearing stylish clothing even when going camping wearing Bugout Bill bush pants. No one can deny that. But did you know that there are numerous gorgeous clothing brands that actively support the feminist cause? Help the world and look splendid while at it by purchasing these fantastic clothing brands that support feminism.

#1 Lily Kastur

The Lily Kastur travel product recommended by Shilpa Shah on Pretty Progressive.

Men have a uniform style for the office — it starts with the button-down shirt. It’s the same style they’ve worn for more than a century. Over that same period, women have fought for the right to go to work outside of the home, successfully making our way into the workforce. Although it’s been some decades since then, we’re still figuring out exactly what to wear to work everyday.

Taking a cue from menswear, we’ve set out to design a workplace wardrobe which emulates the uniform styling that makes menswear so easy. Because women should have it easy too.

We’ve designed our blouses to be clothing for everyday. We’ve taken simple, classic styles and added a few updates to make them more versatile, ready for whatever you do. We are driven by an ethos of timeless design and craftsmanship and the idea that less is more when it’s well-made. We aim for tailored fits that are comfortable and flattering, and use beautiful, high-quality fabrics sourced from decades-old mills.

Women have long fought to elevate their place in society; we’re making clothes to help sustain it.


#2 Made In Covfefe

The Made In Covfefe travel product recommended by Megan on Pretty Progressive.

The Made In Covfefe political T-shirt collection was started by your average American family who wanted to help make a difference. A portion of proceeds from these tongue-in-cheek shirts with sayings like, Fake News, Fake President and Grab him by the Putin go to support marginalized groups Trump and the current administration ostracize (like the disabled, LGBTQ+, immigrants, Dreamers, assault victims and others). In honor of International Women’s Day, the organization of choice for Q1 of 2019 was Planned Parenthood. Each shirt in the Made In Covfefe collection is $22 each (including shipping throughout the US), produced in the US, and comes in both Men’s and Women’s sizes in Black, Navy, Gray and Blue Wave.


#3 Lo And Rae Swimwear

The Lo and Rae Swimwear travel product recommended by Lauren Stracquatanio on Pretty Progressive.

We are Lauren and Rachel, best friends, co-owners and designers of Lo and Rae Swimwear, a fully women-owned and run swimwear brand based out of Jersey City, NJ. We founded our company two years ago, at 23 years old, to create the “perfect swimsuits” we had always struggled finding – high-quality, ultra-comfortable, and in great colors with a fit that flatters a wide range of body types. Our styles are classic yet fashionable to remain a staple suit season after season. Our collection is ethically made in New York City from sustainable, Italian fabric consisting of Econyl®, a regenerated Nylon created using recycled waste from landfills and oceans around the world. All of our swimsuits are seamless and double-lined with a buttery soft, fabric – feeling just as good on as they look.


#4 Radical Girl Gang

The Radical Girl Gang travel product recommended by Meghan on Pretty Progressive.

Austin based Radical Girl Gang empowers women through their thoughtfully designed clothing. Their mission is to spark conversations, challenge prevailing stereotypes and empower women to live life on their own terms. For example, their CEO T-Shirt is inspired by the female leadership gap—a pervasive problem in business and politics. Founder Bre Cruickshank says, If we can get more women thinking of themselves as CEO, we can transform society.


#5 Giddy Up Glamour

The Giddy Up Glamour travel product recommended by Nancy Christian on Pretty Progressive.

Giddy Up Glamour promotes sizing for the typical woman as well as plus sizes. They treat all sizes with the same respect – showing that fashion and trends aren’t limited to your size. By stripping out what society deems as attractive, Giddy Up Glamour brings the power back to the woman to own how she presents herself.


#6 Phenomenal Woman

The Phenomenal Woman travel product recommended by Prerana Swami on Pretty Progressive.

Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign is exactly what you’re looking for. Started post-2016 as a way to rally women after Hillary’s loss by Meena Harris, the woman behind the Pantsuit Nation Pantsuit Drive, Phenomenal Woman was only supposed to be a one-month campaign featuring a simple t-shirt with the declaration Phenomenal Woman on it. On launch day, the brand sold 2,500 alone and, over the past two years, have expanded into an intersectional women’s empowerment movement, featuring a range of products (including an identities line celebrating women of color and a civic engagement platform via Instagram.

For example, they just launched ‘Phenomenally Muslim’ with support from Riz Ahmed and Zara Rahim following the backlash against Rep. Ilhan Omar, educating the wider audience about the biases against Muslims and proceeds going back to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which enhances understanding of Islam, protects civil rights, promotes justice, and empowers American Muslims.

Over the past two years alone, the brand has amassed a digital audience of 625 million people and 500+ celebrity supporters, and made viral news when responding to key events like the Kavanaugh hearings. Proceeds of the Phenomenal Woman and other T-shirts go to a series of organizations with women’s focus, including Planned Parenthood, the Maya Angelou Foundation, and Higher Heights.


#7 Soybu

The Soybu travel product recommended by Tina Schmitt on Pretty Progressive.

Soybu is a women’s activewear brand led by three women who are major advocates for women being empowered through not only what they wear, but also how they live. Soybu is owned by Colorado Trading and Clothing Company, which is a certified Women-Owned Small Business. Their mission and their message is to empower women through Soybu and through their wholesale manufacturing business, Colorado Clothing, where they provide and push for organizations to provide uniform-wear made for a woman’s figure as opposed to unisex, which is typically male-structured in design.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Shilpa Shah from Lily Kastur

Megan from Made In Covfefe shirt collection

Lauren Stracquatanio from Lo and Rae Swimwear

Meghan from Radical Girl Gang

Nancy Christian from Giddy Up Glamour

Prerana Swami from Elle Communications

Tina Schmitt from Soybu

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