7 KeepSake Gifts That You Can Give Your Special Someone

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We all have someone special in our life, and it doesn’t have to be our partner. A special person can be our mother, best friend, sister, father, nieces, nephews, or all of them. Every person who holds a space in our heart is special to us, and sometimes giving them generic gifts just doesn’t seem right? There are days or occasions when we want to give them a sentimental gift. Anything that makes them cry happy tears and evokes emotions from them are the best types of present.

When it comes to giving sentimental gifts or keepsakes, there is a lot of personalization, but it’s all worth the trouble. The happiness you give them is worth going through the hassle of finding a perfect and unique gift. If you are short of ideas about sentimental gifts, we share some ideas below.

  • Preserved roses

Preserved roses are roses that last forever. If your special someone loves the fragrance of flowers and how they light up a place, this is a perfect sentimental gift for her. The difference between preserved roses and regular roses is that the latter dies after 2-3 days. However, preserved roses remain intact for 2-3 years. Isn’t that beautiful? You can get them in a box or a basket, and if the seller can, they will personalize them for you by adding a name at the bottom of the basket. It is a perfect sentimental keepsake that will allow them to remember you forever.

  • Cutting board engraved with a Traditional Family Recipe

Your wife, mom, and grandmother must have a recipe that they always make at get-togethers or parties. It is their secret family recipe which they love to talk about not-so-secretly and pass it on to the younger generation. Right? So, why not make this recipe extra special for her. Some sites and brands will engrave the beautiful legacy on a piece of cutting board that uses wood as its base.

It’s a mesmerizing gift that immortalizes the recipe close to her heart. Also, it has fed most of the people in her family and will continue to do so.

  • Adventure scrapbook

Does your special someone love to travel a lot? Are they always ready to go and explore new places and cultures? Then get them an adventure scrapbook. You can personalize it too, and it’s perfect for them to record every adventure they experienced during their travels. You can also make them a scrapbook from scratch in fun ways at home.

  • A photo frame from an essential moment in their life

Every person has some moments that are special to them. It’s etched into their minds. Right? Use that moment and make it special for them by giving a memorable photo print of the same. For instance, if getting into their dream college was a memorable time in their life, use a photo from that phase and make a personalized photo frame out of the same.

  • An affirmation card deck

It is not just a sentimental keepsake but also something full of positivity. At times, your partner/friend/family member may get down, and you are not around to tell them just how special they are. In such a case, they can pull these cards out, full of positive affirmations. Reading these affirmations will help them feel positive and better instantly.

  • A knitted blanket

Suppose you love to knit or know someone who can knit, get a blanket knitted for your special someone. Make the blanket unique by knitting their name or their favorite quote onto the blanket. It is a wonderful gift that will undoubtedly warm their heart.

  • Engraved timepiece

For your father, grandfather, brother, or husband, nothing better than an engraved timepiece. Men can never have enough watches, and you can make it sentimental by engraving a personalized quote for them on the back of the watch. (Like Dr. Strange) It’s a perfect emotional gift they will cherish forever.

Your special someone deserves to feel awesome and irreplaceable always, and a sentimental gift is one way of showing the same. It shows how well you know them and what all you can do to see them smile. So what are some of the gifts you like the most on this list?

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