7+ Most Reliable Ovulation Apps

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We know it’s crucial to get the most accurate information about your ovulation. It’s such an important moment in a woman’s life, so we have picked the most well-ranked apps to guide you through the special process.

The apps strive to make everything simple and pleasant to use. We’re truly lucky to have them around!

#1 Ovusense

The OvuSense travel product recommended by Maggie Cochran on Pretty Progressive.

OvuSense is a combination of a mobile app and a wearable sensor that tracks core body temperature to predict and detect ovulation. The sensor is worn like a tampon overnight to collect measurements every few minutes. In the morning, users upload their data to the phone app,where they can share charts with their partner or doctor. OvuSense is the only fertility monitor that has the ability to predict ovulation in real time.

Because it uses in-cycle temperature data, it works for women with regular cycles, but also works for women with ovulatory conditions like PCOS who are excluded from using other popular ovulation monitors. By looking at a woman’s unique temperature patterns, OvuSense is able to predict ovulation up to 24 hours in advance, and is correct 96% of the time.


#2 Ava Fertility Tracker

The Ava Fertility Tracker travel product recommended by Aimee Grove on Pretty Progressive.

Ava is a sensor bracelet that works in combination with the Ava app to collect physiological data from a woman wearing the device at night while sleeping that can be used to precisely pinpoint 5 of the 6 fertile days in her monthly cycle. Ava is the only fertility tracker or app clinically proven to accurately detect a woman’s fertile window in real time. Recently, the efficacy of the Ava algorithm in determining the fertile window was proven via a clinical trial whose results were published in peer-reviewed journal JIMR (Journal of Internet Medical Research).


#3 Kindara: Fertility Tracker

The Kindara: Fertility Tracker travel product recommended by Ceppie Merry on Pretty Progressive.

Kindara is a nice, easy to use, highly rate app that many women swear by. This female run company in Boulder, CO, believes that TMI (too much information) is a good thing when it comes to fertility.


#4 Period Tracker Period Calendar

The Period Tracker Period Calendar travel product recommended by Stacy Caprio on Pretty Progressive.

I use it to log my period every time it comes, and it’s great because it sends you notifications before your period is supposed to happen as well as calculating what it thinks how long your cycle will be based on your past cycles. It also tells you what days you are fertile and ovulating, which is very helpful to get to know your body and hormones so you can work and play at your body’s highest potential.


#5 Glow

The Glow travel product recommended by Adina Mahalli on Pretty Progressive.

This app works by pinpointing a woman’s cycle using her personal date. This should be able to help them conceive quicker. The app is free but there is an option to a mutual assistance program that could possibly go towards fertility treatments if the app doesn’t help you conceive in 10 months. The creator of the app is Max Levchin, which is the same guy who invented PayPal.

Unlike most apps, this one encourages men to take control of their fertility as well by logging data about their own health. This is to ensure that there’s nothing else the man should be doing to increase the chances of a healthy conception and vice versa.


#6 Premom

Premom Ovulation Calculator is the very first app on the market that allows women to quantify their LH hormone levels and digitize their ovulation cycles from the comfort of their own home.

Previously, quantifiable LH Levels were only available from a blood test in a doctor’s office or with an ultrasound. LH levels are unique for every woman and Premom integrates both ovulation tracking and an ovulation prediction test kit into one easy to use app that requires minimal manual data entry.

Premom is so successful in tracking LH levels, the app is recommended to IVF and IUI patients who now have the ability to track their LH level at home in advance of the procedure, making it unnecessary for them to take prescription medication to stimulate ovulation. Dr. James Moruzzi at Olympia Women’s Health in Washington has done research on the tremendous efficacy of Premom and is happy to share his research data. Premom also provides wireless syndication of a woman’s body temperature for auto-charting, so they can confirm ovulation.


#7 Flo Health

The Flo Health travel product recommended by Suzette Plumley on Pretty Progressive.

Flo is a safe, secure and trusted global health product that supports women through their entire reproductive life cycle. The app not only accurately tracks your period and flow intensity, but it’s also a reliable ovulation calendar, pregnancy calculator and true fertility friend for you.


#8 Inito Fertility Monitor


Inito is the only fertility monitor that measures all 4 hormones on a single test strip, showing you a full picture of your cycles with results unique to your body. The Inito Fertility Monitor comes with a free easy-to-use App, so you can track your fertile days with ease and know exactly when you ovulate.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Maggie Cochran from Fertility Focus

Aimee Grove from Ava

Ceppie Merry from HealthyButSmart

Stacy Caprio from Her.CEO

Adina Mahalli from EnlightenedReality

Sherry Liu from Premom

Suzette Plumley from Flo Health

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