Bee Providers: Foods We Would Not Have Without Bees

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Bee Providers: Foods We Would Not Have Without Bees

Bees are the best pollinators on earth, helping plants grow and continue for generations. In fact, many of the plants we have today wouldn’t exist without bees. This extends to many of the foods we eat that rely on plants. However, bees are disappearing from the world, and only a few organizations are helping them. You can always support local beekeeper organizations with these methods. Get a small glimpse into a world without bees by reading this list of some foods we would not have without bees.

Fruit Trees

One of the main foods that people will lose if bees go away is all the fruits that come from trees. Without bees to pollinate the trees, fruits like apples and bananas won’t have a place to grow anymore. They would become much rarer across the whole world without bees.


A very popular plant that fits in many recipes all but disappears if bees can’t pollinate plants. The onion requires bees for propagation, and people everywhere would struggle to find this plant without bees.


One of the most popular drinks across the world is reliant upon bees for its growth. Coffee comes from beans that grow on trees that rely on bees for their continued growth. With the bee population decreasing, so does the world’s access to coffee in the morning.


Although many people argue over whether this food is a fruit or a vegetable, it too requires bees for pollination and to survive. Bees are necessary for the growth of this plant, whether they’re the tomatoes you grow at home or tomatoes on farms.


Coffee isn’t the only caffeine-filled plant that we’d lose without bees in the picture. Chocolate grows on cacao trees, from which we then harvest and process beans into the delicious dessert and snack that people love. However, bees are a major part of the trees’ growth, and without them, we lose much of this plant.

These are just a few of the foods we would not have without bees, and that doesn’t include the damage done to the animals that live on these plants. That’s why protecting bees and supporting those who do is so important for the environment and for our access to these foods.

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