Benecos Natural Creamy Make Up Foundation – 30ml Review

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Benecos Natural Creamy Make Up Foundation – 30ml Overview:

This liquid foundation is made with natural and organic ingredients to create flawless glowing skin, concealing blemishes and blending with your natural skin tone for an even complexion. The organic shea butter and sweet almond oil give nourishment to your skin whilst moisturising it.

Apply daily using a cosmetic sponge or brush, blending to cover blemishes and redness to create a flawless fresh complexion. Because a percentage of everything we put on our skin is absorbed by our body, which can be harmful, they only use organic and natural ingredients.

Benecos Natural Creamy Make Up Foundation – 30ml Review:

The packaging is very cute and compact. It’s very handy and well suited in small handbags. The bottle it comes in is a glass bottle with a black, plastic lid. The foundation itself has the consistency of a cream, it is very light. The consistency is very liquidy and it glides onto the face very smoothly and evenly. It is a very thin consistency. The liquid foundation doesn’t feel like its clogged into your skin and it feels very light weight.

It doesn’t feel sticky at all and it’s very cool to touch. The consistency makes it very easy to apply onto the face and the foundation doesn’t take that long to soak into your skin. It feels very light weight on your face and definitely not sticky. It’s very comfortable and has a lovely texture to it. The foundation has a very natural and flawless finish to it. It goes onto the skin very naturally, feels lovely and cool, as well as having a very light weight to it.

It give a semi-matte finish, and it doesn’t feel like it’s clogging up your skin or making it feel oily, which is very good. It sets very nicely. It does not leave your face feeling greasy or sticky at all. It looks very natural and it doesn’t feel like it’s left any residue on your face after you have applied it. You can apply other products on top of it and it will not affect the foundation itself. It is also very long lasting, as it lasts all day long without fizzling out.

The consistency feels very nice to touch and it’s not that think and not in that thin either. It’s right in the middle. It applies very evenly and doesn’t clog up on your face like other liquid foundations. It’s a very nice consistency and glides on the skin very smooth without any streaks. It makes your skin look naturally flawless and it’s very nice to apply. It applies very evenly onto the skin and has a very nice texture to it.

It’s very easy to use and is perfect for anyone who may not like using a lot of make-up or who doesn’t have a lot of time. It gives you a natural look without making you feel heavy. It’s good for all skin types because it is very light weight and it does not make you skin oily. It brightens up your complexion and covers up uneven skin tone and blemishes. it doesn’t clog up your skin and doesn’t have a sticky feeling to it. It is very comfortable to wear and is not heavy at all on the skin.

There is no scent to this foundation, which is really good as you wouldn’t want it to be scented. It doesn’t smell at all as it’s completely fragrance free. It also doesn’t contain any chemicals, which is another good aspect of this product. It is all natural and organic, which makes it a different sort of foundation that wouldn’t be found in many places. The consistency is very thin so it applies very easily onto the skin and the foundation doesn’t feel heavy or thick. It covers up blemishes and it gives your skin a very natural and flawless glow.

It is also very long lasting and doesn’t fade away or mark you clothes, which is good. It gives the skin a very natural look. It you have freckles and spots then this foundation will blend with your skin very well. I have said that the foundation is vegan friendly and cruelty-free and it is what is says on the bottle. I have tried it on my skin and it has covered up all blemishes on my face at the moment and I haven’t used concealer with it. It covers up my very dark spots that I have had for a long time and are quite hard to cover up. I do also have quite a dark complexion but this foundation hasn’t made my skin look more darker.

It covers up my spots very naturally but it still has that lovely flawless glow to it. It definitely brightens up your complexion and makes your skin look fresh and radiant. I feel like its very light weight on my face and not as heavy as other foundations I have tried before. It applies very nicely and so smoothly onto the skin and feels very comfortable to wear. You do only need a little bit of foundation to cover up your face because it is quite thin so it is very good and long lasting. I would say if you are in a rush and need to cover up your face then you could get away without using any concealer with this foundation.

It also makes your skin look very healthy and does make your skin look very natural. I would say it is a very natural product as it doesn’t leave a heavy or greasy layer on your skin at all. It does make your face look very radiant and it has a natural glow to it, almost as if its glowing from within. The foundation is very fresh and has a very light texture to it, making it very natural and light weight. It can be used on a daily basis as it covers up blemishes and redness equally and doesn’t make your skin oily, or leave an oily residue on your face. It makes your skin look fresh and young. It is also good for anyone who wants a really natural finish and it is not too thick. It’s very light weight on your skin and doesn’t feel heavy or make your skin feel heavy. It covers and brightens up your skin, making it very fresh.


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