Creative Ways to Thank a Nurse

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Creative Ways to Thank a Nurse

During the current health crisis, there is a large demand for nurses and other essential medical staff. Nurses are working hard to help keep the general public healthy and safe. Chances are that you have met a nurse who’s impacted your life positively in some way, whether they cared for you or someone you love. Check out these creative ways to thank a nurse for their hard work. Now is a great time to show the nurses in your life and your community a little love and appreciation.

Write thank-you notes

Many non-medical field workers are finding themselves with some extra free time during this unprecedented time. Use your newfound time to write thank-you notes to nurses. Let them know that their hard work and sacrifices don’t go unnoticed by the community.

A little gesture such as a handwritten note can make a large difference in a nurse’s day. They spend their entire shift on their feet, so a small break to read a thank-you card can help them feel supported and cared for. They spend so much time taking care of others; it can be nice for them to feel taken care of with support and encouraging words.

Send a hand-picked gift basket

Sending the nurses in your life or community small gift baskets with hand-picked items can be a huge relief. Include items they need, such as refillable water bottles, gift cards to local restaurants that offer fast delivery, granola bars and other individually packed snacks, and comfort items. If you’re not sure what to send, consider adding in compression socks. Nurses wear compression gear for many reasons; plus, these socks are both practical and comfortable. Sending a small gift basket will make nurses feel appreciated and provide them with items they may need.

Pro Tip: If you’re making a basket for a specific nurse you know well, try to include some personalized items, such as gift cards to their favorite places.

Donate extra supplies

If you have more supplies than you and your family need, try donating the excess to local hospitals in honor of the nurses and medical staff. Things such as extra gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizer can really make a difference at hospitals that are finding themselves understocked and overcrowded. These items help keep nurses safe from contracting illnesses while they treat contagious patients. Nurses battle different kinds of diseases each day. They’ll need all the protection they can get. Show your gratitude by providing them with medical-grade disposable gloves (you can buy nitrile gloves for sale here) to keep them protected in their day-to-day tasks. Before purchasing in bulk, make sure to get the correct type of gloves. Some types, like latex gloves, may not be suitable for medical applications. 

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