East Asian-American EdTech Startups Revolutionizing U.S. Educational Landscape

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This article will serve as a spotlight for a selection of EdTech startups who have successfully transformed ideas into reality, with one common ground – all were founded by entrepreneurs of East Asian heritage. As we continue to navigate through an era of digital transformation, the following companies are setting a pace in the EdTech industry, becoming trailblazers and innovators. Let us delve into their inspiring stories, their innovative solutions, and the entrepreneurial minds behind these startups.

Educational technology is an ever-evolving sector that has seen rapid growth and development in recent years. From learning management systems to personal wellness apps, these startups are paving the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and efficient educational future. Organically grown from the diversity that our world prides itself on, the companies highlighted below embody the spirit of innovation, perseverance, and above all, progress.

Representing different facets of EdTech, these remarkable startups each offer unique solutions to modern challenges in education and learning. They reflect the rich diversity of the field and the ability of technology to bring about substantive change. In this feature, we pay homage to East Asian Founded startups that are trailblazing a path in an ever-expanding industry.


SWIDIA, founded by Frank Jiang and Jack Chen, is a Chicago-based company specializing in advertising, digital marketing, EdTech, and venture capital. SWIDIA prides itself in its ability to scale consumer startups through cross-channel performance marketing optimized for user acquisition. As a growth marketing partner, the company helps startups in improving core growth levers, raising over $300M in VC funding. Find out more on their Linkedin page.


Based in New York is the AI company evrmore. More than an AI company, evrmore implements machine learning in tandem with humanistic psychology for wellness and personal development. Founded by Ivy Mahsciao, the startup seeks to create more rewarding life experiences beyond traditional metrics in health and learning. Connect with evrmore on Facebook and Linkedin .


Skilljar, based in Seattle, is an external LMS designed for customer and partner education. Founders Jason Stewart and Sandi Lin have created software that trains customers to become experts on your product. Skilljar integrates its data with CRM and other customer-related platforms to offer insights for improving customer success and growing businesses. Follow Skilljar on Facebook and Linkedin . Check their latest updates from their Twitter account.


OneEleven is a financial wellness platform that helps people live happier lives and businesses increase their profits. Founded in 2017 by Dani Pascarella, this New York-based startup combines technology with financial services and wellness. Connect with OneEleven on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Gladeo Inc.

Based in Santa Monica, California, Gladeo Inc. is a media and tech company aiming to create a more equitable and prepared workforce for the future. Co-founders Grace Cho and Michelle Cho execute this mission by providing an inclusive storytelling platform and career-related e-courses to various educational institutions. You can follow Gladeo Inc. on Facebook and
Linkedin. Catch their tweets on Twitter.


Located in San Francisco, California, Immigo aims to solve the problem of English learners struggling to find affordable practice. Co-founded by Chelsea Jeon and Ryan Jeon, Immigo leverages a peer-to-peer approach for learners to practice English in structured and affordable classes. More about Immigo is available on their Linkedin page.

Coding Dojo

Founded by Michael Choi and Richard Wang, Washington-based startup Coding Dojo offers an intensive 14-week program teaching three full technology stacks in addition to courses on emerging technologies. Committed to training self-sufficient developers, Coding Dojo has grown to be a leader in the EdTech industry. Follow their journey on Facebook and Linkedin . Get their latest updates from their Twitter account.

Zane Venture Fund

Zane Venture Fund, founded by Shila Nieves Burney in 2018, invests in early-stage companies led by diverse teams building tech-enabled solutions. The Atlanta-based venture fund aims to catalyze the proliferation of world-class organizations by providing capital access and support to companies. Follow their activities on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


Co-founded by Peggy Chang and Shilpa Dalmia, ActivityHero is an online portal that connects parents with after-school activity providers and summer camps. Based in Palo Alto, California, ActivityHero specializes in ed-tech, education, family, and marketplace verticals. You can connect with them on Facebook and
Linkedin. Also, follow their Twitter updates.


Backer, founded by Abby Chao and Jordan Lee, is a social savings platform that enables parents to invest in 529 Savings Plan for children’s education. The San Francisco-based startup also allows family and friends to contribute to the savings plan, helping families avoid student debt. Connect with them on Facebook, Linkedin and follow their Twitter updates.


Based in New York, Coursicle, co-founded by Joe Puccio and Tara Aida, is a user-friendly course search and scheduling tool for college students. It also notifies students when an available seat opens up for a class they’re interested in. Find more about Coursicle on Facebook and Linkedin. Stay updated with their Twitter account.

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