East Asian Founded Developer APIs: Pioneering Startups in American Tech Industry

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Welcome to a new installment in our series highlighting startups founded by minority groups. This article focuses on the Developer APIs industry, showcasing top startups founded by individuals of East Asian descent. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a crucial role in today’s world of software development, making the lives of developers simpler by providing building blocks to develop applications and services dynamically and efficiently. We have handpicked some of the most innovative startups that have made significant strides in this domain.

All of these startups show a high level of ingenuity through their respective solutions, ranging from data observability, finance and payments, direct mail automation, data integration to card issuance platforms. They also exhibit an admirable commitment to diversity and inclusion, boasting ownership by minority founders, who, despite adversities, powered forward to create successful businesses.

Without further ado, enjoy discovering these pioneering East Asian Founded startups in the Developer APIs sector. Their journey, determination, and achievements present an impressive model of entrepreneurial triumph.


Metaplane offers data observability products with the primary goal of allowing organizations to trust their data. The founders, Guru Mahendran, Kevin Hu and Peter Casinelli, innovatively developed a platform that saves engineering time and increases data reliability. Metaplane’s system observes modern data stacks, detects anomalies, and alerts the relevant individuals, prompt and error-free. Providing such a solution, Metaplane has earned crucial backing from Y Combinator, Flybridge, and renowned entrepreneurs in the tech field.

Follow them on LinkedIn and @metaplane on Twitter.


Sean Bennett and Tammy Camp co-founded Stronghold, a startup based in San Francisco. The team at Stronghold transforms legacy and next-generation payment networks via a simple API. Their innovative approach has earned them financial stability and respect in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech industry.

Connect with Stronghold on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @strongholdpay on Twitter.


Founders Harry Zhang and Leore Avidar built Lob to automate direct mail for businesses. Over 7,000 companies use Lob to free up countless hours and improve data quality with mail processing. One in four U.S households have received mail generated through Lob’s platform, representing their broad reach and effectiveness.

Find Lob on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @lob on Twitter.


Paragon, founded by Brandon Foo and Ishmael Samuel, is a game-changer in the SaaS world. With their integrated platform, software businesses can integrate with hundreds of different SaaS apps in just minutes. The user-friendly system has enabled Paragon to serve nearly 100 customers around the world.

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Shensi Ding and Gil Feig started Merge to help businesses better realize integrations. Their Unified API, Merge makes business-to-business integration seamless and provides access to a wide range of platforms.

Stay connected with Merge on LinkedIn and @merge_api on Twitter.

Apto Payments

Apto Payments, co-founded by Greg Kidd and Meg Nakamura, is revolutionizing the way companies design and launch card programs. Apto Payments offers a convenient way to spend digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, and loyalty points, thereby allowing secure bitcoin and other digital currency transactions.

Get to know Apto Payments on LinkedIn and @apto_payments on Twitter.

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