East Asian-founded Wholesale Startups Transforming US Industry Landscape

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The world of startups holds immense promise for diverse innovators with a unique perspective and the drive to see their ideas come to fruition. Within this landscape, East Asian founders are pioneering change, creating value, and reshaping industries. As we celebrate diversity and empowerment at Pretty Progressive, this feature will highlight top East Asian Founded startups in the Wholesale industry. These innovative companies vary in their focus areas, from retail and food supply chain to personal care, offer different products and services, but all make an impact in the bustling wholesale industry.

Contributing to an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, these startups challenge the status quo and redefine the boundaries of innovation and enterprise. Their impressive journey not only brings the spotlight on unique, problem-solving business models but also inspiring stories of leadership and determination. Let’s delve into their journey, celebrating the spirit of diversity and innovation.

Given herewith are some of today’s leading East Asian Founded startups in the Wholesale industry. Be enchanted as these amazing creators carve a niche using their brainchild to disrupt the market:

Otaku Lamps

Based in Los Angeles, California, Otaku Lamps is a groundbreaking startup in the realms of Animation, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Retail, and Wholesale. They hold licenses for 20+ Japanese and Korean IPs, creating collectible LED lighting products. In collaboration with well-known names like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and LINE FRIENDS, they have emerged as significant contributors to the official merchandise industry. Connect with Otaku Lamps’ exciting journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


In the heart of New York, a keen team founded Pepper, a startup dedicated to revolutionizing the food supply chain. Pepper has developed an eCommerce platform that allows food distributors to deepen relationships, find new customers, and grow. Pepper, lead by an experienced team, now endeavours to unlock the full potential of the food industry. Find out more about their work at Facebook and LinkedIn.


Boxed is a New York-based startup offering a modern wholesale club experience. Providing consumers with direct-to-their-door access to favorite warehouse club products without a membership fee, Boxed is revolutionizing grocery shopping. Follow Boxed’s remarkable business journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Located in Los Angeles, California, Brandboom is reshaping traditional B2B commerce providing an effective business solution. With AI-enabled tools to match brands and retailers and cloud-based Line Sheets, Ordering & Invoicing tools, it is truly revolutionizing wholesale marketing. Visit Brandboom on Twitter and Facebook for exciting updates.


MamaP is a purpose-led, health, and wellness company based in New York. They empower people to live healthy and balanced lives, honor the environment, and give back to communities. Check out their inspiring initiative on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Out of New York, SPINOZA’s mission is all about sight, aiming to help 1 million people receive sight-restoring cataract surgeries by 2030. They make feather-light yet durable eyewear, reflecting down-to-earth and honestly priced quality eyewear. Find SPINOZA on Facebook and LinkedIn for more insights into their work.

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