East Asian Founders Revolutionizing America’s Media and Entertainment Industry

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Welcome to the latest edition of our highlight series spotlighting startups founded by minority groups. In this edition, we put a magnifying glass on some of the most innovative companies in the Media and Entertainment spectrum, helmed by East Asian entrepreneurs. Despite traditional media and entertainment industry often being seen as elusive, each of these companies is disrupting the space in its unique way—editing the narrative and creating remarkable advancements in their respective fields.

This feature is part of our ongoing mission to celebrate diversity in entrepreneurship and inspire our readers with groundbreaking ideas from far-reaching corners of the business world. We firmly believe in shining a light on entrepreneurs from different backgrounds as a contribution to creating a more inclusive and equitable business landscape. All the startups you will read about are brilliant examples of the creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience of East Asian entrepreneurs in the Media and Entertainment industry.


Located in Foster City, California, Conviva was established by Hui Zhang and Ion Stoica. Their product is essentially a comprehensive, continuous, census-level measurement tool delivered through real-time, server-side sessionization at scale. Conviva’s global analytics platform offers a unique advantage to streaming businesses, focusing on helping them grow ahead of the competition. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Christine Krzyzanowski and Shawn Gunn co-founded PLLAY Labs, an AI-driven video game mobile wagering app that provides a thrilling competitive gaming entertainment environment. Based in Philadelphia, PLLAY Labs has managed to leverage AI in reshaping the gaming sector. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Kuruma NFT

Firmly planted at the intersection of blockchain technology and car enthusiast culture is Kuruma NFT. Founded by Taro Koki in El Segundo, California, the company produces KurumaCards™ – Digital Car Collectibles and builds a car community within the NFT space. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Darkstar Games

Jung Lee and William Germann are at the helm of Darkstar Games, a California-based company developing an immersive MMORPG social platform that incorporates blockchain technology. You can follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Spero Studios

Unifying the virtual world with blockchain and gaming, Spero Studios is making waves in the gaming industry from its San Francisco base. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Abi Lierheimer and Ophelia Chen, New York-based Bobblehaus strives to revolutionize the e-commerce and retail industry. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


ParOne, led by JR Charles, wishes to create a unique platform for golf content, aimed at bringing golf enthusiasts from around the world under one roof. Based in New York, ParOne is elevating the game of golf on a global scale. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Yehong Zhu, Zette envisions simplifying access to real news as part of its mission. This San Francisco startup seeks to empower publishers and creators to continue producing high-quality work. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In wrapping up, it’s clear that these startups, launched by trailblazing East Asian founders, are disrupting conventional boundaries in the media and entertainment industry. Keep a keen eye on these companies, as they are an inspiration to entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and a testament to the power of diversity in innovation.

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