East Asian Powerhouses Transforming American Machine Learning Landscape

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The global startup ecosystem is rife with innovation and dynamism, and no more so than in the Machine Learning industry. As a crucial part of our ongoing series highlighting startups founded by minority groups, we turn our focus to some of the top East Asian founded companies that are utilizing machine learning to revolutionize their respective sectors. These startups, driven by trailblazing East Asian founders, are paving the way for the future, pushing the bounds of what is possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Here, we showcase the achievements of these startups, and examine the ways their unique insights are shaping the world.

Track Revenue

Track Revenue was founded by Brian Chiu and Eric Yip in San Francisco. This startup has created a dynamic platform designed to empower online marketers with machine learning. Their robust campaign management platform is built with the latest in AI and machine learning, providing effective solutions to marketers who aim to scale faster through automation. Find more about Track Revenue on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Intellimize, founded by Brian Webb, Guy Yalif, and Jin Lim, leverages the power of machine learning to optimize websites for revenue and customer acquisition. The San Mateo-based startup aims to facilitate revenue growth by providing personalized website experiences to visitors on any device. Discover more about Intellimize on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Searchlight, co-founded by Anna X. Wang and Kerry Wang, utilizes advanced machine learning for predictive talent analytics. This San Francisco-based startup aims to improve hiring efficiency and potential with their predictive talent platform, transforming raw reference and self-assessment data into actionable insights. You can learn more about Searchlight on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Stratifyd is an AI-powered analytics platform founded by Derek Wang. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stratifyd transforms structured and unstructured human textual data from numerous sources into actionable insights, enabling businesses to take immediate action on customer feedback. Find Stratifyd on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Perception Group Inc

PerceptionPredict, co-founded by Brett Morris and Regina Chou, assists sales teams in generating larger returns from fixed sales costs. This Atlanta-based startup’s talent and data science platform predicts sales performance and optimizes the sales process. You can learn more about the Perception Group on LinkedIn.


Riva was founded in Palo Alto, California, by Ben Cook, David Lax and Stephanie Young. With its automated salary negotiation engine, Riva has assisted over 5,000 users in earning an average salary increase of over $20K. Find more about Riva on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


CountN, founded by Matthew Yuan, uses AI to provide software solutions for running live music events for hospitality clients. Based in Boston, this startup helps businesses build community through live music and generate ROI through its AI-powered data intelligence software. You can discover more about CountN on Facebook and LinkedIn.


AdaptiLab, co-founded by Allen Lu and James Wu, is an AI-driven screening, sourcing, and up-skilling B2B talent acquisition platform accelerating companies’ machine learning and data science efforts. Follow AdaptiLab on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Symphoni is a Seattle-based startup providing the world’s first AI platform for small/medium business growth and development. Discover more about Symphoni on LinkedIn.

HelloAva, Inc

HelloAva, founded by Siqi Mou, is a personal skincare consultant powered by AI, deep learning, and expert dermatologists. Based in New York, this beauty tech startup is revolutionizing the skin care industry. Follow HelloAva on Facebook and LinkedIn.


MoBagel, co-founded by Adms Chung, Iru Wang, and Ken Lin, provides a no-code AI platform that enables data scientists and domain experts to design and deploy AI solutions seamlessly, helping businesses make informed decisions. You can learn more about MoBagel on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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