Easy Changes Businesses Can Make To Be More Sustainable

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Easy Changes Businesses Can Make To Be More Sustainable

Nowadays, more and more businesses are moving towards eco-friendly practices. However, you might feel stuck and unsure about where to start this journey. Here are some easy changes businesses can make to be more sustainable in their day-to-day operations.

Make Eco-Friendly Swaps

No matter what business you operate, the odds are that you can make some eco-friendly swaps. For instance, you can choose recycled paper products if you work in an office setting. If you run a restaurant or food-related business, there are lots of utensil swaps you can make. You could use recycled plastic or paper straws. Additionally, you could have washable and reusable cutlery or opt for recycled plastic versions. Even toilet paper and facial tissues come in recycled varieties.

Encourage Reusable Products

You can also encourage employees to adopt more sustainable habits. Offer your employees reusable water bottles instead of plastic, disposable cups to fill up at a water cooler or fountain in your building. Avoid printing documents that you can easily send over email instead. Try to use both sides of your printer paper, and always encourage recycling when staff members finish using paper documents. If your business doesn’t already have one, you can set up a recycling program with clear instructions and receptacles placed around the building.

Be Energy Efficient

Making energy-efficient upgrades is a great way to be more sustainable and save on your business’s energy bill. You can make simple changes, such as switching to LED light bulbs, installing motion sensors for your lighting, and monitoring the thermostat. You can also go above and beyond and tackle full renovations for your building. To illustrate, you might update your business’s insulation to be more energy efficient. Pair this with an automated thermostat, and your business will utilize less energy than ever.

These are all easy changes businesses can make to be more sustainable. Any business can adopt these habits, even large ones. In fact, if more companies followed these tips, we could significantly cut down on emissions, waste, and energy consumption in society as a whole. Consider trying out a few of these practices in your building!

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