Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Living sustainably does more than protect the environment. By using fewer resources and generating less waste, you’ll also save money and live a healthier lifestyle as a result. Practice a few of these easy ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and reap the overall benefits.

Cut Down on Paper

Whether it’s in the form of plates or office supplies, paper makes up most of a home’s daily waste. Limiting your paper consumption, therefore, is a crucial first step in adopting sustainable practices. Fortunately, you can accomplish this in a variety of ways, from using washable dinnerware to requesting online statements rather than printed.

Compost Your Food Scraps

Food waste is another large part of our daily trash, and try as you might to limit it, there are always going to be a few leftover table scraps. However, by utilizing a compost bin, you can transform these scraps and use them for other purposes. For example, you can use the compost from your meals in your garden to grow more food for your family. This will allow you to save money at the grocery store as well as incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

The more energy you use, the harder your generators must work to maintain your home’s current functioning. This can increase your energy bills as well as waste the Earth’s limited resources. To make the least environmental impact, adopt green lighting practices and limit your use of the air conditioning and heat. You can also use curtains or blinds to help your home maintain its temperature without losing energy through any cracks in the windows.  You may even qualify for different tax credits depending on which green home improvements you make. The tax laws tend to change each year and vary based on tax bracket, demographic, and where you’re located so it might be best to consult with a financial professional.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Next to reducing and reusing, recycling is the most important part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Recycling the items you don’t need allows other people to reuse them. This reduces the number of these items overall and helps your neighbors cut down on their consumption as well. Before you start recycling, be sure to educate yourself on what you can safely recycle and whether you need to take certain items to specialized recycling centers.

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