Ethical Product Review: Biona Coconut Oil Review

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Biona Coconut Oil Product Overview:

  • 200 grams organic, vegan friendly Biona Virgin Coconut Oil.
  • This product is suitable for a gluten free diet.

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Biona Coconut Oil Review:

Biona is a relatively new arrival on the online organic food shopping scene. It fits in with the other suppliers of organic food products and ethical beauty and childcare products.

However, in this case, Biona has tried to do something different with its coconut oil. It contains 100% organic coconut oil and is ethically sourced.

Biona’s Coconut oil is certified by an Organic Certifier approved by Control Union, the 2 largest organic certification bodies in the world.

There are other coconut oils on the market which have been grown in the countries where they are produced. There is no reason why people living in the UK would not want to try a product that has been grown locally.

However, this particular product is produced under a fair trade agreement, which means that the growing and harvest have been monitored by someone who is independent of both Biona’s Company and the plantation or farm, which has produced the oil.

Another plus for the product is that it has been cold pressed and unrefined. This means that no heat is used during the process and the oil gets treated to reduce any germs that might have contaminated it.

The ethical nature of the Coconut Oil is further promoted by the fact that Biona has its office in Sri Lanka, which uses some sustainable forest management for its coconut oil supply.

Coconut oil is good for a range of uses. When used by the food industry it can be used as a frying medium, when sold as a personal care product, it can be used for cooking and as a skin moisturiser.

The Biona Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is available directly from their website and can also be obtained from a number of online retailers like Amazon.

Biona – Final Thoughts

There are not too many cons to this product. People will moan that it is more expensive than other coconut oils. However, when compared with other organic products the price is comparable and, as we have noted, it meets the EU organic standards and is made up of 100% organic products.

The only real downside of this product is the taste. Some people simply do not like the taste of coconut oil. However, if they are considering organic food products then they might be prepared to accept the taste of organic oils of whatever kind.

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