Ethical Product Review: Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

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Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a sacred herb infused with healing power. Containing a large amount of antioxidants, Tulsi Tea is certified organic & great tasting.

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Review:

The reason that Tulsi is important is because as the name implies, it is holy. In Hindu prayers, the active leaves are placed on the body and waved by the priests. Today, tulsi is an important part of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as a widespread religious practice in Christianity. The symbol of the wands of the Adoration Church is a symbol of the leaves of Holy Basil.

Consuming a cup of tulsi tea every day is a symbolic ritual of renouncing, cleansing, purifying and spiritual renewal. It is such an important religious activity that Sri Rama’s ascension into heaven is recorded to have occurred while he was sipping from a pot of tulsi.

When I say certified organic, I don’t mean ‘organic’ like you get from a chain store. I’m using the term certified as a tie to the word organic. This tea is made with organic, non-GMO ingredients and is certified by Organic.UK. This ensures that it is grown using organic growing methods, is processed in certified facilities, and ultimately, is organic in nature.

They say that it’s not basil that has such a great taste, but the leaves on it. Being careful how much you make tea from, the sooner you are able to make a pitcher, the better. Using the leaves, you can make up to 1 liter of tea.

Since green tea tends to be better when the leaves are browned or roasted, you can start by making a pot once or twice a week. The resulting tea is a cup of soothingly delicious tulsi, with herbal flavors that stimulate all of your senses.

This tea contains around 0.5 mgs of caffeine per caffeine-free cup. Caffeine can act as a stimulant and can be helpful for those who experience fatigue. Although this tea has a lot of herbal flavor, it is important to keep an eye on the caffeine content. It is best to ask your doctor before drinking caffeinated tea.

If you’re looking for a health tulsi tea, look no further. tulsi green tea review is the best tasting tea for the holy herb tulsi. The benefits to this tea include, a purifying, refreshing experience, energizing, heart health, hair growth, menopause, infection, blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, healthy skin, weight control, arthritis, improved immunity, depression, PMS, breast pain and more.

This tea has around 1,800 mg per 1 cup of loose leaf. A cup of a non–green pu-erh tea can provide 208 mgs of catechins. Pu-erh tulsi has over 300 times as much as this. Another incredible benefit is the powerful antioxidant, called “O-Rhamnosidase” which is mentioned in studies to be effective for cancer in humans as well as animal studies.

This also reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, low birth weight babies, arthritis, asthma, osteoporosis, insomnia, allergies and many more! Please note that the amount of catechins in this tea can vary and it is best to purchase this from a seller that provides standardized information. The supplement dosage for this is best used for balanced adults, however, as the catechins and caffeine are not used for stimulating effects.

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Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Review:

The source of Pu-erh tulsi for this tea is the Nubra Valley in India. The tea is then sold in Spain. This is the traditional way of producing pu-erh tea, and can be responsible for the varying quality for this tea. This is a good tea for infusing. It is also ready to drink.

I’m so proud of this tea that I’m giving this a B- standing. It’s a great tea, that’s nice and bright without being overflavored. For this reason, I found the taste to be refreshing, and the unique, slightly musky flavor was a great match for the earthy, invigorating scent that seems to settle in the mouth. The company’s web site even states that it is ideal to wrap it up and suck on it!

As for factors that are most important in deciding the taste of tea, I believe that the aroma is one of the largest factors. Additionally, there are scent profiles from particular Chinese regions, as well as region-based variables such as soil. This tea has very happy notes in this sense.

In the case of this tea, flavor notes are “crisp, light, and refreshing”. 

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