Ethical Product Review: Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress Topper – Double

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The Panda mattress topper is made using Orthopedically Approved 3rd generation memory foam, allowing it to effectively relieve pressure points, whilst providing constant comfort and necessary support all night long. Simply using a Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress Topper is an effective way to help relieve neck, back and hip pain. Because memory foam is body-heat sensitive this helps the mattress comfortably cradle your entire body whilst you’re sleeping.

The Panda Mattress Topper features elastic straps on each corner alongside a silicone dot anti-slip layer. These two features work together to reduce movement between the topper and your mattress. The outer cover is easily removable and simple to wash.

The comfortable memory foam mattress topper comes with a removable bamboo cover. Bamboo is a sustainable resource as it is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, and uses only 1/3 of water compared to other plants. It’s also highly breathable and temperature regulating to keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress Topper – Double Review:

  1. It’s Sustainable:
    The materials used to make this topper are sustainable. The bamboo cover is made from bamboo, a sustainable material which grows rapidly, and the memory foam is made from sustainable plant oils. The topper itself is also good in quality. The support of the mattress has a three layer construction. The first layer is for comfort and the second layer is for support. The third layer is for wear layers and its primary function is to offer extra protection to the memory foam layer.


  1. It’s Comfortable:
    The topper is comfortable because it is thick. It measures three inches thick and its thickness offers more comfort than the market average of two inches. Customer reviews say that the topper allows one to sleep soundly through the night. The memory foam does not deteriorate to the point of losing its original feel. Foam doesn’t lose its firmness as quickly as other types of materials. The surface of the topper is breathable and softens as you lie on it. It’s a comfortable topper for the busy people who do daily activities like cleaning, review writing, fun activities, and heavy work to list a few.

  1. It has Great Scent:
    The liner of the memory foam topper is well-scented. Reviewers mention that the memory foam smells of lavender, which is a pleasant smell. Also, the bamboo fabric, which is removable, also smells fresh.


  1. It is Durable:
    The third-generation memory foam is firm and durable. It is not a memory pillow because it does not collapse. Reviewers agree that the topper is excellent for back, hip, and neck pain relief. They also say that the new bed is firmer than before but still soft enough to sleep soundly. The topper is great for people who like sleeping on a firmer mattress.


  1. It Is Cheaper:
    Memory foam is known for its longevity and durability. The foam mattress topper is cheaper than the memory foam mattress.


  1. It has 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee:
    Customers are guaranteed to be satisfied when they purchase this topper. If what they receive is not what they expect, they have 30 days within which they can return the item.


  1. It Is Environment-Friendly:
    Many customers they purchase the topper because they understand the need to protect the environment. The topper and the bamboo cover are harmful to the environment. Although they used materials which are environmentally friendly, they are not biodegradable in the natural environment.

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  1. It Comes With a Warranty:
    The Panda memory foam mattress topper come with a warranty of three years. The warranty does not cover any abuse, inappropriate cleaning, improper shipment, and wear and tear due to regular use.


  1. It Improves the Sleep:
    The memory foam topper is better than a mattress in softness. A mattress is located between the head and the feet. It offers support to the head; helps the spine to keep upright; and give everlasting support for the back, neck and the other body parts. A memory foam topper offers the support that traditional mattresses offer. It provides the support and comfort needed.


  1. It Provides Proper Sleep Position:
    A mattress is located between the head and the feet. A memory foam mattress is located between these two parts. It helps to improve sleep, and relieves pain and stress. It takes a little effort of flipping or turning when one changes from one sleep position to another.


  1. It Targets Balance:
    These two parts are needed by humans to survive. A mattress is used to target that part of the body between the head and the feet. A foam mattress topper is used throughout the life. Balance helps to relieve pain and stress.


  1. It Offers Proper Support:
    When a human sleeps on the mattress, the position of the head is the same as when they are standing. When they change from one position to another, they change their position on the mattress. A memory foam topper can give proper support to the head when one changes from one position to another.


  1. It Contains No Noises:
    Noises from a mattress can be annoying. The memory foam mattress topper is a solution when the normal mattress is too noisy. Also, it gives comfort to the user.

Pros & Cons:

  • It has a neoprene layer on the underside with an extra layer of memory foam on top.
  • It is smooth and upholstered with a steel coil support.
  • It is made from durable materials. 1. It has a scent.

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