Ethical Product Review: SunWarrior Liquid Light Fulvic Acid

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Liquid Light is what we like to call “Mineralised Solar Energy”, a raw, plant-based fulvic acid and liquid mineral complex created by nature. The minerals were captured by ancient plant life, free of modern pollution and contaminants, fulvic acid was produced by beneficial microbes, and the complex is extracted from an ancient, undisturbed plant deposit using pure cold water. This creates a liquid supplement that contains one of the most powerful nutrient transporters found in the natural world.

SunWarrior Liquid Light Fulvic Acid Review: 

Placebo, Light. A powerful spirit that has the ability to wake up our depths & play on them, with repeated exposure lifting the veil of ignorance so we can see what is around us, our place in the world, what life is about.

Fulvic acids sold as supplements usually lacks information on the origins of the fulvic acids they utilise. The information that is available on the sunwarrior website, as well as detail provided in this video:

Sunwarrior Liquid Light is Liquid Fulvic Acid as produced by Mother Nature, at Her source. We are the only company with true Fulvic Acid at this source.

  • Sunwarrior, extract from their website

The image above is the page that was featured on their homepage when this review was written.

It is hard to believe what you are seeing, but the image above is the actual extract from Mother Nature, on the wild and free. Produced by bacteria or FUNGI (as Fulvic Acid is a natural product produced by living organisms).

Sunwarrior Liquid Fulvic Acid consumes free electrons from metal ions and free radicals created by pollution, and is a powerful antioxidant, which can reduce free radical damage to the body. As a free electron donor, fulvic acid has an important role in cellular electron conduction and reduction of free radical damage. Fulvic acid also has a beneficial effect on human cells and is muscle and nerve tissue building and regenerative. Fulvic acid also has a strong structure in its ability to influence the hearts of plants, and helps strengthen the plant.

Sunwarrior Liquid Fulvic Acid is a powerful supplement that operates in multiple ways, and brings health, healing, and protection. It also brings individuals who are deficient in the necessary minerals to stabilize the stomach, liver, and other organs, which is very important when we consider that it’s NOT a pre-workout supplement that’s been cut with a bunch of fake ingredients, nor is it a “dietary supplement”. The sole purpose of Sunwarrior Liquid Fulvic Acid is for the individual’s health and well-being with a quality daytime energy blend to assist users in achieving a superior physique.

Sunwarrior Liquid Fulvic Acid also works on the brain and nervous system, and is also good for improving memory and focus. Sunwarrior Liquid Fulvic Acid is vegetarian, vegan friendly and contains no animal products.

The sunwarrior liquid fulvic acid base is an ancient plant extract that is found in a myriad of plants throughout the world. The liquid fulvic base contains minerals that enhance and protect the cells within you, and we are the only company in the world that is at this ancient source to create the liquid fulvic base.

The sunwarrior liquid fulvic acid base has been tested by over twenty five laboratories throughout the world in five different categories. Not only has it been proven to have no impurities, but it also has been proven to be the highest quality fulvic acid base in the world, on both the quality and the quantity level.

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SunWarrior Liquid Light Fulvic Acid Review:

Sunwarrior Liquid Fulvic Acid is a health conscious supplement that is packed with elements for the health and well-being of the user. Fulvic acid is not simply a “fancy” mineral acid that is found in the earth, or dumped on the crops as a fertilizer, which is what most companies call their supplements. Although, in some ways, it is similar to the common mineral acid in its effects, but is actually a unique blend of minerals that comes from the ancient plant source. Due to the fact that this ancient plant source has been preserved for millions of years, it contains hundreds of thousands of minerals in its composition. These minerals add multimillion fold to the amount available in large particle form to the human body. Most supplements only contain several minerals, most common minerals, in powdered form, combined with other ingredients.

To put this into practical terms, if you take a supplement that contains only one hundred minerals, a small fraction of the other thousands of minerals it contains would only make a small impact to your body and health. Even if you take a hundred organic minerals, the most common, that are found in many supplements, they would only cover a few hundred different minerals. But if you take a number of ancient plant derived fulvic acids, Sunwarrior’s Liquid Fulvic Acid, you would have a mega-dose of over 2500 minerals that you can absorb through your cells.

When you consider this statistical amount of minerals, Sunwarrior’s Liquid Fulvic Acid is the most powerful plant derived supplement on the planet. Not only that, it is the maintenance form of these ancient plant derived fulvic acid, which Sunwarrior extracts from, so there are fewer minerals to get there, and the minerals that get there, are even more potent.

Be careful what you put in your body, because if you take a supplement without even considering what you put back to your body, such as not drinking water, and not eating right, taking self-medicating vitamins and minerals based on expensive market research without even a care for the health of the body, you end up in a situation where you are causing a lot of damage to your body after a few weeks of use.

The sunwarrior liquid is for anyone who is interested in knowing more about how their body works, what the supplements that they are taking really do within the body, and making a conscious choice on what they move their body in the way of nutrients, which will enhance their life experience.

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