Experts Tell Us the Best Body Lotion For Women

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Body Lotion For Women. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Exfoliating & Hydrating Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Deborah Kerner from Charmed PR

Bella Schneider Beauty Exfoliating & Hydrating Body Lotion is a restorative and hydrating lotion that exfoliates, smoothes and evens out the skin. Glycolic Acid, Pineapple. Aloe, Cucumber, Chamomile, Calendula, Sweet Almond, Avocado, and Squalane Oils help to diminish hyper-pigmentation, signs of aging and remove dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful look while deeply hydrating the skin. Bella Schneider Beauty Exfoliating & Hydrating Body Lotion is available on the Bella Schneider website and also on Amazon for $39.50.

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream

This product was recommended by Brittany Smirnov from Dermatologist Delray Beach

My personal favorite for body moisturization is Vanicream Skin Cream. This is thick cream best applied while the skin is still moist following a shower, it is lush but absorbs quickly and is specifically formulated for dry, sensitive skin.

Biosilk Silk therapy

This product was recommended by Jessica McCafferty Brennan from Janice McCafferty PR

Known as a beauty oil for multi-uses, this iconic serum is also the perfect remedy for dry skin on your arms, legs, elbows and more! On the body, it can be used as a light moisturizing oil, leaving it soft and smooth with a subtle glow. Infused with organic coconut oil and silk, it is gentle enough for daily use and offers moisturizing oils the skin needs.

Elina Organics Silky Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Jessica McCafferty Brennan from Janice McCafferty PR

Your skin will feel healthier than ever after smoothing this 100$ organic lotion over your body. This non-greasy and hydrating formula gives skin the moisture and vibrance it craves! It contains the highest quality ingredients that are soft and gentle to your body and will have you looking, smelling and feeling fabulous.

CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin

This product was recommended by Becky Beach from MomBeach

The best lotion for women is CeraVe SA Lotion because it gets rid of bumpy spots easily and fast. I love this lotion and use it every day for my dry skin. I live in Texas where the weather is very hot and dry during the Summer. This lotion is a life saver for me!

ZO® SKIN HEALTH Gentle Cleanser

This product was recommended by Wendy K. Y. Ng from DrWendyngPlasticSurgery

As a board certified plastic surgeon, I cannot overemphasize the importance of good skin health for optimal healing and youthful appearance. Hydrating Creme by ZO Skin Health is a medical grade creme that can be used in place of your typical moisturizer. It enhances your skin’s retention of moisture, leading to plumper, more healthy skin. I even recommend this for my patients with severely dry skin, including eczema, as it reduces itching and calms redness and irritation. It supports your skin barrier and your immune system strength as well!

LUVMRE Lux Body Oil

This product was recommended by Daniel Robbins from LUVMRE

This body oil can replace a lotion or moisturizer. It contains only 8 different oils and each oil serves a purpose. Each one was chosen for its benefit. No added scents to help those with sensitive skin. It is clean beauty at its definition.

Lux Body Cream with CBD

This product was recommended by Daniel Robbins from LUVMRE

This one is a light and quickly absorbing body lotion that has no scent and good for those with eczema or sensitive skin that reacts to scents. What sets it apart is the high concentration of CBD. It is high quality and tested full spectrum CBD from hemp plants. Many people have reported having less pain and aches after rubbing this on their body.

JR Watkins Moisturizing Lotion

This product was recommended by Melissa Munnerlyn from Cherry Pick

Checks all my boxes: hydrating, smells like heaven, and super affordable – it’s only $10 (!!!). Also comes in a body oil spray for when you’re feeling lazy. My all-time favorite scent – it’s sexy, soft, and sweet (but not too sweet) and provides the perfect base layer for any kind of fragrance.

Cooling Body Bliss by basq NYC

This product was recommended by Marisa Honig from Marisa Ryan Public Relations

Reduce swelling and aches with this light cooling body gel. The antioxidant rich blend of cucumber, green tea, aloe and eucalyptus nourishes skin and reduces swelling in the feet and legs, soothes back aches and neck tension, and cools overheated skin. Leaves skin feeling super soft and silky.

NEW Illuminating Body Oil by HERLA

This product was recommended by Marisa Honig from Marisa Ryan Public Relations

Super lightweight, fast-absorbing body oil provides a long-lasting shimmery glow while deeply moisturizing your skin. Enjoy an instant dewy and golden finish that accentuates every skin tone.Sweet almond oil and sunflower oil smooth and soften your skin, and prevent its premature aging. Shea butter, rich in vitamins A and E, delivers nourishment and lasting moisture.. Illuminating golden particles derived from natural mineral pigments enhance your natural skin tone and bring in maximum radiance. Enriched with natural antioxidants that fight free radicals, the oil leaves your skin protected, healthy and luminous.

OSIMagnesium Body Butter + OptiMsM

This product was recommended by Harmony Cone from Happy Energy Amazing Life

This product is the best body lotion for women as it not only hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished with its creamy, silky feel but it also provides the optimum levels of magnesium that women need daily. This transdermal application can provide the same benefits of oral magnesium: relief from stress, helps with sleep issues, anxiety, sore muscles, and alleviates symptoms related to magnesium deficiency, which include osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This pleasant smelling lotion also contains OptiMSM, which can aid in magnesium absorption and supports healthy joints, muscles, tendons, hair, skin, nails, inflammation relief and cellular detoxification.

Herbaceous Alchemy Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Amethyst Macaspac from Travertine Spa, Inc.

Our nourishing and ultra moisturizing hand and body lotion is made with botanicals, organics and wildcrafted ingredients. Our body lotion contains fragrances such as frankincense, cedarwood, and ginger essential oils. The result is a woody, earth, spicy, yet fruity nuance which makes it the perfect Summer-into-Fall essential for women. Frankincense also contains many benefits such as diminishing signs of aging and reducing stress.

St. Almond Lait Bar

This product was recommended by Alicia Cunningham from LaMarriia Company Inc.

The best lotion on the market is a new natural and cruelty-free bodycare product called the St. Almond Lait Bar. Created by LaMarriia Company Inc, the St. Almond Lait Bar is a minimalistic body bar that gives the skin an instant hydration that lasts up to 12+ hours.

Carpe No-sweat Breast

This product was recommended by Sonja Melin from Startr Co.

This sweat-shielding lotion will have users experiencing the fresh power of a talc free skin drying powder blend. It includes ingredients like Witch Hazel, Vitamin B3, and Silica Microspheres to create a unique mixture of sweat absorbing and calming molecules that helps women stay fresh, clean, and dry.

Love Beauty & Planet – Luscious Hydration Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Karissa Whitman from FitMommyStrong

I personally LOVE the Love Beauty & Planet Luscious Hydration Body lotion for a few reasons. 1) It is very hydrating without leaving my skin oily or greasy. 2) The ingredients are all natural, even the bottle is made from recycled plastic! 3) The scent is very mild, nice & refreshing, but not overwhelming at all.

FinchBerry Hand Cream

This product was recommended by Jacqueline Felix from ChicExecs

This hand cream harnesses the restorative power of sunflower and olive oils to calm and comfort tired skin. Aloe and shea butter extracts offer light moisture; infusions of lavender and vanilla leave skin silky and smooth. Once a small amount of product is applied, the cream will absorb quickly with no mess.

ella+mila Moisturizing Cream

This product was recommended by Jacqueline Felix from ChicExecs

A nourishing body cream using shea butter and a blend of promising oils. Easily absorbed without feeling greasy and vows to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Product does not contain: Paraben, Soy, Dairy, Wheat or Gluten. It is always vegan and made in the USA.

cocokitty Edible Lotion

This product was recommended by Jacqueline Felix from ChicExecs

An all-natural, multi-purpose skincare product. Use as an intense moisturizer, dry hair treatment, or makeup remover. Soothe cracked hands and lips coming or use as a massage oil. Available in Cinnameow and Meowcao.

Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Stefanie Almond from Hope & Love Radio

Made in Israel from the Dead Sea water itself, this body lotion is truly one that needs to be added to your beauty collection. It is vegan, hypoallergenic, made with many minerals, and last for 24 hours. Additionally, it hydrates, moisturizes and softens the skin. Finally,, it can be used for itchy or dry skin , it is fast absorbing and it is and non-greasy. It truly is perfect for daily use.. Give it a try today…

Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Cream

This product was recommended by Kristine Thorndyke from Test Prep Nerds

The best body lotion for women is the Aromatherapy line from Bath & Body Works. Specifically, the scent my whole family enjoys is the Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief scent. A body cream, this product is extremely thick and really soaks into the skin and hydrates it with Vitamin E. There are a blend of essential oils that you can’t help but stop and want to take in a big, deep breath and smile. I use this in the evening after bathing and it feels both decadent and relaxing. Bath & Body Works recently had a large sale where all of their Aromatherapy line was half off, so this is when I stocked up on this as well as other scents. I suggest signing up for their newsletter so that you can get these items when they are having their next promotion!

Burt’s Bees Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Adina Mahalli from Maple Holistics

This is the ideal non-greasy body lotion for skin that needs a major hydration boost. Nourishing botanicals like shea butter, chamomile extract, and rosemary work in synergy to leave your skin feeling renewed and regenerated. The fragrance-free formula is gentle on sensitive skin and is infused with vitamin E to replenish your skin’s elasticity. The result is silky smooth skin the all-natural way.

Boost Up Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Krysta Monet from Nine and North Co.

The best body lotion for women is hands down, SolScape Beauty’s Boost Up Body Lotion. The formula is perfect for all skin types – with the first ingredient being aloe, not water, it provides hydration while reducing inflammation. It contains no harsh chemicals and is infused with safflower seed and rose hip oil, shea butter, squalane, green tea and vitamin E to hydrate skin for a silky smooth finish. It has a light, airy, summer scent helping the days feel a little more bright. Purchasing the lotion supports the brands efforts to promote happy lives and authentic beauty. They believe beauty is more than just looks, it’s about wellbeing. With every purchase they donate 10% of proceeds to National Alliance of Mental Health. So they help boost not just your skin, but your spirit too.

Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel

This product was recommended by Alison Mooradian from Busy Beauty

Showerless Shave Gel is the only no-water-needed shave gel on the market – allowing you to get a smooth, moisturized shave without the need for a shower! Once you’re done shaving, you simply rub any remaining gel in, which works as a moisturizer. It’s made with ginger root oil, which reduces inflammation and irritation, eucalyptus leaf oil, which increases circulation for a health glow.

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  1. Wow, You have made mentioned almost every best body lotion. For Women, it is said that their skin changes periodically. In the early stages of life, her skin tends to be soft, in the teenage, it looks heavenly gorgeous while in the ’30s and later, it turns to be dry and gloomy, lacking some shine and nourishment. To regain and retain this moisture in the skin, Para Fragrance, A Premium Body Lotion Seller, has a variety of moisturizing lotions to offer at a discounted price. Quickly Visit us and Shop Your Favorite!

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