Experts Tell Us the Best Books For Moms And Daughters

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Books For Moms And Daughters. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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MOM AF by Christine Michel Carter

This product was recommended by Christine Michel Carter from Christine Michel Carter

MOM AF was made for working moms! This novel is essential because in each chapter the reader will see their lives and nod in agreement, curse in anger, or even chuckle out loud, thinking “I get you and you get me.” It offers a literary kinship between Carter and the reader; this book will provide many young women comfort, empathy, and hope.

Can Mommy Go To Work? by Christine Michel Carter

This product was recommended by Christine Michel Carter from Christine Michel Carter

A mother to two children, Carter wanted to write a book for other mothers who struggled with work life balance and felt guilty for wanting to further their career. The book features elephants not only because they’re intelligent animals known for caring for their young, but also so families from all races can relate to the story.

Your Daughter Doesn’t Have to Be Miserable by Dr. Courtney Conley

This product was recommended by Courtney Conley from CourtneyConley

This book is for mothers of struggling teenage daughters. It helps them understand and connect with their teenager. Supporting a struggling teen takes sustained emotional effort. This book is a quick and empowering read. It helps parents understand the teenage experience, focus on their wellness, and connect with their teen on a deeper level.

Pushing Through by Nicole D. Vick

This product was recommended by Nicole D. Vick from Nicole D. Vick

In Pushing Through Vick shares both the heartbreaking pain and the extraordinary triumphs that led her to advocacy and social justice work. Her early years of self-doubt and discomfort in her own skin would set her up for decades of bad choices and difficult situations: a teen pregnancy that could have derailed a lifelong dream, a health scare caused by unsuitable partners that mirrored her poor self-image, and the struggle to attain the ideal body that led her to take drastic measures. Her story takes place against the background of the long neglected and overlooked community of South-Central Los Angeles, where she grapples with the grotesque imbalance of power and privilege as it unfolds in every aspect of her life and those around her. The book offers tangible tips on creating meaningful change in society and is a perfect conversation starter for mothers and daughters as they examine their relationship with each other and their surrounding communities. Recommended for mothers and their daughters aged 16 and older.

BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends) by Jessica Speer

This product was recommended by Jessica Speer from JessicaSpeer

Many moms dread their daughters’ preteen and teens years for fear of social drama, exclusion, bullying, and more. BFF or NRF(Not Really Friends) is filled with quizzes and activities that dive deep into the ins and outs of friendship. It opens the door to conversations as well as a framework for moms and daughters to smooth out the ride.

I Lost My BFF by Jennifer Licate

This product was recommended by Jennifer Licate from N/A

I would like to suggest I Lost my BFF as one of the best books for moms and daughters. Through reading this award-winning book together, moms can prepare their daughters for the inevitable friendship changes so these changes do not negatively affect their daughter’s self-esteem. I Lost my BFF tells the story of a long-time exclusive friendship that changes because one friend decides she wants to make more friends and spend time with these new friends (separate from her previous best friend). As moms read this book with their daughter/s they can normalize these friendship changes that often happen as children grow up. Moms can also explain that when a friendship ends, it doesn’t mean their daughter isn’t a great friend, but some people change over time. Moms can encourage their daughter/s to make new friends and show them they have so much to give, as a friend. I Lost my BFF also teaches the qualities of a great friend and how rejection and jealousy can exist within friendships.

The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis

This product was recommended by Katherine Brown from Spyic

This book has a delightful story that is cleverly written, easy to read, and follows the sequence of events, making it ideal for both moms and daughters to read. It has a compelling storyline dealing with issues of race, poverty, loyalty, love, and strong family values of respect. In the book are tales of struggles and triumphs brought about by determination and honesty. Christopher, the author, reminds us of the human power for overcoming, filling us with regret for the past but gives us hope that goodness will come to prevail.

The Kitchen God’s Wife: A Novel by Amy Tan

This product was recommended by John Webster from MumeeMagic

This book is so good that the cover itself persuaded me to give in and buy it. It also takes the reader on an astonishing journey, with happy, sad, good, and bad moments. Amy Tan has a way of telling this story in such a way you want to call your own mother to thank her. It is the story of a Chinese woman and what her young and married life we like. What expectations were for her and how things have definitely changed after the war and moving to America.

All About Mom and Me by Janene Dutt

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

This is a fun and inspiring book for every mom and daughter to deepen their bond. From sharing shameful stories to elaborating on your perfect day, this journal provides an amazing opportunity for both of them to know more about each other using writing exercises, which boost humor, honesty, and understanding. It will help encourage each other’s bond by using a wide array of thought-provoking prompts, showing age-apt topics, good places for sharing things, and many more.

Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen

This product was recommended by Alex Shute from FaithGiant

In times of doubt and depression, a dimming faith in oneself can lead to undesirable roads of regret and shame. Circling thoughts of unworthiness and lost love is not healthy when your connection to God keeps on waning. Jennie invites us into her world where she can help us convert our darkness, the dimming of our fire, into the light. By taking control of our thoughts. Our circumstances may make us feel helpless, but this book will inspire us to submit our minds to God. So He may help us heal it with goodness and the strength of His love. A few pages of this book can help a long way to better ourselves and our minds.

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

This product was recommended by Julie Ann Ensomo from Adaptable Mama

It’s a fairytale book with a realistic twist. It’s a story of a princess that didn’t end up with the prince because she realized that the latter is a shallow, vain, moron. My 4 year old find it amusing and I know she doesn’t quite understand yet the message of the book but if you want to hammer to your young daughters the lesson of not settling (even if the guy seems like a good catch on paper!) in an entertaining way, I will definitely recommend this book.

The Dreamcatcher Codes by Barbara Newman

This product was recommended by Ben Tanzer from HEFT Creative Strategies

In this empowering story of courage, renewal and hope, a sisterhood of four teen girls join forces on a quest to find a sacred crystal that may just save the planet from the ravages of climate change.Along this magical adventure, mothers and daughters will be enthralled by mysticism, myth, and the wisdom of ancient cultures. Barbara Newman calls The Dreamcatcher Codes a “love letter to Mother Earth and all of her daughters.” Her hope is that readers will see the natural world through new and wondrous eyes and be inspired to protect the precious planet we call home. The book lists organizations, like Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, where youth can take action for change. Sharing this story will not only connect you with your daughter, it will also embolden her to find her voice and vital place in the world.

When Women Run the World Sh*t Gets Done by Shelly Rachanow

This product was recommended by Shelly Rachanow from ShellyRachanow

Be inspired by this compelling tour de force of sisterhood. Shelly Rachanow’s book is full of powerful, courageous women who are getting vitally important sh*t done. Perfect for women to give to their mom, daughters, friends, sisters, colleagues or even just to keep for themselves. For that daily dose of inspiration and the reminder that, on any given day, women are remarkable and can do anything.

The Confidence Code for Girls by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

This product was recommended by Jen Bradley from Jen Bradley Moms

These companion books (one for adult women and the other for tweens and teenagers) are an incredible resource to help women across several different generations find a common ground and unite in our desires to become more confident. I read The Confidence Code on a whim, and l ended up loving it so much that I immediately purchased The Confidence Code for Girls for my 10-year-old daughter. We’ve both loved reading through her book together, and have developed a deeper bond than we had before. Now I know how to raise a strong daughter and teach her to be confident – both by my example and by study.

Mothers Who Can’t Love by Susan Forward

This product was recommended by Tasneem H. from The Stock Dork

This book is a must-read for both mums and daughters to strengthen their bond together. Also, a great book to read for unloved daughters also, for cruel and controlling mothers to see their awful long-lasting impact on daughters.

Dancing with My Daughter by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

This product was recommended by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer from Your Daily Poem

This collection of poems about raising a daughter ranges from tender and sweet to tempestuous and saucy. Divided into five sections of experiences–Waltz, Jitterbug, Tango, Samba, Freestyle—the poems chronicle everything from slumber parties, gender equality, and a broken heart to self-esteem, the healing power of chocolate, and cleavage—or the lack thereof. Lots of opportunity here for remembering special moments and sharing favorite memories.

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