Experts Tell Us the Best Environmentally Friendly Clothing Brands in the UK

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Environmentally Friendly Clothing Brands in the UK. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by Colette Shelton from Chirpyest

AGOLDE recycled leather and denim and regenerative and recycled cotton are one of the best brands for sustainable fashion. Along with their other brands, Citizens of Humanity and GOLDSIGN, they are not only fashion forward but environmentally friendly. Progressive in design and production, I also love that they don’t just focus on one earth friendly area or practice. You can buy their range of created around the world products on my website at a discounted price, via Amazon or at Harvey Nichols. You can’t go wrong with this trifecta of companies to save the planet and your style.

Mother of Pearl

This product was recommended by Vikas Chaudhary from NihalFashions

Mother of Pearl is a UK-based sustainable and ethical luxury apparel and accessories designer company that values uniqueness and authenticity. The business employs a high proportion of eco-friendly products, including organic cotton, and pays a living wage to certain of its supply chain workers. Most goods are available in UK sizes 6 to 16.


This product was recommended by Vikas Chaudhary from NihalFashions

COSSAC is a British business that believes in producing timeless, feminine, and flexible clothing in a sustainable manner. They advocate the simple notion of Capsule Wardrobes, which provide contemporary classics meant to be worn and treasured beyond seasonal fads. They employ materials that are ethically sourced, organic, or have a low environmental effect, and they only engage with small companies on short manufacturing runs to reduce waste and deadstock. They make it simple for customers to make smarter decisions by providing design-led conscious fashion. The majority of the collection is available in sizes S-L.


This product was recommended by Bonnie Fisher from Better World Apparel

What we love about Birdsong besides their ethical aproach to the supply chain and sustainable pieces? It is bold, bright and beautiful. Amazing color cards and gorgeous prints are their signature look. Its clothes are handmade in London by knitters and seamstresses earning above the London living wage.

WAMA Underwear

This product was recommended by Shakib Nassiri from WAMA Underwear

At WAMA Underwear we are dedicated to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly clothes. Our underwear is made from a hemp blend that is ideal for underwear. Hemp has antibacterial, anti odor, as well as being very breathable. At WAMA we sell casual, everyday underwear for both men and women, as well as activewear for women such as sports bras. Our garments breed confidence into our customers, confidence that you are helping fight against climate change, and confidence to be your best self.

Monkee Genes

This product was recommended by Johnson Mack from RONXS

Monkee Genes are one of the best environmentally friendly clothing brands in the UK. It was founded by a British couple, and it’s still based in London, England. The brand sells eco-friendly t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and more through its website at or via mail order (, Monkeegenes@aolcom). The company has been around since 2004 but is only now starting to gain popularity amongst young men who want to have an impact on their environment without sacrificing style or comfort when they go out into public spaces such as bars or clubs where people drink alcohol with friends after work hours when it gets late at night (which happens often during summer months).


This product was recommended by Johnson Mack from RONXS

Seasalt is a British brand that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories. The brand is committed to environmental sustainability and ethical production. All of their materials are sourced from sustainable and ethical sources.

Beaumont Organic

This product was recommended by Johnson Mack from RONXS

Beaumont Organic is a British brand that was founded in 2005 by the husband and wife team, Simon and Louise Beaumont. The company’s mission is to create clothes that are ethically produced, sustainable and beautiful. The brand’s fabrics are sourced from organic cotton and recycled polyester (which means they’re made from plastic bottles). The company also works with Fair Trade communities around the world that have been affected by climate change or other environmental issues. Beaumont Organic designs its products in their London studio using traditional manufacturing techniques such as hand sewing or machine embroidery – all at zero waste levels!


This product was recommended by Harriet Goodings from HarrietGoodings

A London based brand whose founder Rene Macdonald hails from Tanzania, Lisou is the perfect brand for lovers of bright, luxurious prints and 70s style.. The vibrant fabrics are designed in house for suits, belted midis and jumpsuits. Lisou are focusing on becoming a zero waste brand, with biodegradable fabric and a collaboration with One Tree Planted.

Chalsie Joan

This product was recommended by Harriet Goodings from HarrietGoodings

Founded by Chalsie Williamson in the UK, Chalsie Joan is a small brand which has found particular success with its Anna blouse. This, as well as the rest of her range, constitutes a carefully balanced amalgamation of classical, simple, modern, feminine and playful elements, at times infused with bold colour. The made to order policy of the brand reduces waste and allows customers to customise the final product in terms of the colours of fabric used.

Spirit and Grace

This product was recommended by Harriet Goodings from HarrietGoodings

Spirit and grace was founded to create timeless clothing or ‘forever’ pieces in the words of its founder Emily. The range of summer dresses are perfect for an effortlessly stylish look. Everything is produced in England in limited runs to keep the carbon footprint of the brand down.

Freya McKee

This product was recommended by Harriet Goodings from HarrietGoodings

McKee is a young designer who began selling second hand on depop and transitioned into making original designs. She focuses on sustainable design using materials that would otherwise be dis- carded. Specialising in knitwear, McKee makes made to order and one off pieces, and her work has recently been featured in the Heavan by Marc Jacobs store.


This product was recommended by Matt Gillman from SMB Compass

My favorite eco-friendly site to buy shoes is Cariuma. Here, you can access simple aesthetic shoes at good rates. What makes them stand out is their manufacturing process. They only use natural materials like rubber and organic cotton in ethical factories. The categories on their site vary from surf and skate to vegan sneakers. You can help the environment indirectly by buying shoes here. Try these sustainable and cool shoes for yourself.

Fanfare Label

This product was recommended by Ryan Dunn from Custom Stickers

Fanfare Label has done really well from the time it was founded in 2018 and is now an award-winning sustainable fashion brand. This brand boasts of repurposing textile and clothing waste into stylish garments. Fanfare Label can be called the leader of the upcycling movement in the UK. Their designs are contemporary, comfortable, and quirky. I find the brand a perfect example of a brand implementing and encouraging circular fashion. Their products are available on their official website.

Thought Clothing

This product was recommended by Layla Acharya from Edwize

I am a huge fan of Thought Clothing which is among the many eco-friendly brands I have shopped from. This organic brand ships to multiple countries outside of the UK through its website. Their products are clean and environment-friendly. The stylish pieces are made to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Thought also is transparent about the source of its raw materials on its official website. The founders encourage sustainability as a lifestyle and call it Thoughtful Living.


This product was recommended by Jack Kelly from Trusted Gifts Review

JulieMay’s organic Pima cotton and Mulberry silk briefs, bras, and bralettes are made from the finest materials. The UK-based sustainable underwear company is dedicated to creating hypoallergenic and ultra-comfortable undergarments that will keep you feeling carefree and confident all day. Their delicate and feminine styles are suitable for everyday wear.


This product was recommended by Jack Kelly from Trusted Gifts Review

Fairly and transparently made by people earning a living wage, using locally sourced and organic materials, zero waste, solar-powered workshops, and a tree planted for every order. Mayamiko’s cross-seasonal collections are inspired by African artisanal traditions and prints suitable for everyday wear.

Yes Friends

This product was recommended by Brandon Lee from Reptile Maniac

Unlike many sustainable fashion brands, ‘Yes Friends’ does not take a toll on your pocket. It makes ethical, sustainable fashion affordable. To do so, the company provides direct-to-consumer margins and uses large-scale production. No plastic is used at any step of production, mailing bags made from sugar cane refuse are used in packaging instead of plastic. The apparel is made in wind and solar-powered plants, and it has been calculated that a single T-shirt they produce saves around 6 kg of CO2 without the usage of carbon offsets. So be a conscious consumer and only shop sustainably.

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