4 Ways To Make Your Backyard Wildlife-Friendly

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4 Ways To Make Your Backyard Wildlife-Friendly

For many people, backyards are a haven to connect with nature. There are approaches that you can use to enhance this relationship even more. Here are four ways to make your backyard wildlife-friendly.

Native Plants

Landscaping with local foliage is one of the best things that you can do to attract wildlife to your yard. Native plants serve as food for local wildlife, whether that’s seeds, pollen, or leaves. They are more adapted to the soil conditions and local climate. In deserts, native plants are more adaptive to lower water conditions. Perennials are great because they live for more than one entire growing season and provide low-maintenance flowers for pollinators.

Limit Chemicals

Another benefit of growing native plants is that they reduce the need for chemicals. Pesticides and herbicides, by definition, kill living things. Using them in your yard would be counterproductive if you want to attract wildlife. Once animals start getting sick, they won’t see your backyard at the oasis that it could be. Native ecosystems are good at balancing themselves out; pesticides are unnecessary within them.

Animal Homes

An additional way to make your backyard wildlife-friendly is by providing various safe locations for those animals to rest or live. Everyone has probably seen birdhouses before, but did you know that you can easily make a bat house? Bats can eat 500-1000 mosquitos in one night—yes, it’s incredible natural pest control! Providing safe homes for wildlife can help limit them getting into your house or window well.

Provide Water

Finally, if you don’t have birdbaths in your backyard, now is the time to get one at the Soothing Company. It can either be a fancy waterscape or something as simple as an upside-down lid. It’s best to provide two of different heights. Birds prefer to stay off the ground when they bathe and drink water, whereas smaller creatures can’t reach the water if it’s a few feet off the ground.

Attracting fauna is as simple as making a few changes to your backyard. By making your space more wildlife-friendly, your yard can help support the local ecosystem.

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