How Addyi Helps With My HSDD

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One of the most health disorders affecting people, primarily women, is Hypoactive Sexual Disorder. Also known as Hypoactive Sexual Disorder – it can cause people to wonder what is wrong with them. Fortunately, there are different ways to deal with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder.

Before we share how the famous Addyi helps with hypoactive Sexual Disorder, we will examine what Hypoactive Sexual Disorder is. We will also cover some methods to deal with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder.

What is Hypoactive Sexual Disorder?

HSDD is the medical acronym for Hypoactive Sexual Disorder. Common in adulthood, it signifies many changes in a person’s body. The typical symptoms of Hypoactive Sexual Disorder are having a low sex drive or an interest in having sex. Some people also report that Hypoactive Sexual Disorder causes some individuals to lose focus or interest while having sexual intercourse with their partners.

Hypoactive Sexual Disorder is prevalent in many adults. Many people are searching for ways to deal with their HSDD symptoms. Having a Hypoactive Sexual Disorder can cause chaos to a person’s well-being. It can also force them to wonder if they are experiencing it temporarily or if their difficulties are lifelong afflictions.

The symptoms of Hypoactive Sexual Disorder can become evident in its initial stages. However, we recommend seeking the help of health professionals. Discussing this matter with your doctor during your periodic health check-up will be easier. Health professionals can also offer various treatments and solutions for Hypoactive Sexual Disorder.

Fortunately, people with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder can re-activate their sex drives. It is important to remember that Hypoactive Sexual Disorder can be a lifelong problem or triggered in certain situations. There are many ways to deal with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder. First, let us discuss the typical causes of Hypoactive Sexual Disorder:

Typical Causes of Hypoactive Sexual Disorder

  • Relationship problems involving sexual intercourse
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Private Issues with Body Image
  • Fatigue
  • Past Trauma or Sexual Abuse
  • Low Sex Hormone levels
  • Various medical problems
  • Intake of Different Medicines
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  • Menopause

How to Deal with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder

Experiencing a low sex drive can complicate things in our daily lives. People with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder develop problems affecting their physical and mental states. It can also affect a person’s day-to-day performance and well-being.

Here are some ways to deal with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder:

Kegel Exercise

Many health professionals prescribe the famous Kegel Exercise for people suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Disorder. A Kegel Exercise facilitates blood flow to a person’s genital region. It can help activate inactive muscles or constricted passageways. The primary purpose of a kegel exercise is to relax the muscles of a person’s pelvic floor.


If you are blessed with a partner or a person with whom you can share a sexual relationship, begin communicating your sexual desires. In some cases, the sexual desires of another person might not match another and might trigger Hypoactive Sexual Disorder. Couples should discuss things they dislike and like regarding sexual intercourse.

Reducing Stress

While many of us hustle to earn a living, the workload, stress, and daily interactions with our workplace can leave us void of energy. Working full-time can sometimes cause negative stress leading to a low sex drive. Consider reducing stress triggers to improve your sexual mood and start activating your libido.

Limit Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking can constrict the blood flow throughout our entire body. It is why smoking is famous for causing impotence to adults. Aside from that, many people consider alcohol as means to release their sexual desires. However, alcohol inside your body interferes with a person’s natural ability for sexual stimulation.

Intake Addyi – It Helps with HSDD

One famous drug that health professionals now prescribe is Flibanserin. For Addyi to work, a person should intake one pill daily. Addyi (Flibanserin), upon intake, targets the neurotransmitters inside our brain responsible for sexual stimulation. The daily intake of Addyi can help a person increase their libido and promote their sexual desires.


Hypoactive Sexual Disorder is a typical problem that many people experience daily. If you have Hypoactive Sexual Disorder symptoms, worry no more since you are not alone. You can also try various methods to increase your sexual drive.

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