How Much Do Solar Panel Installation Companies Charge?

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Installing a solar panel system will save you money in the long run on your utility costs. In the short term, however, solar panel installation companies do charge a hefty sum for initial installation fees. 

There are also costs associated with getting your home or yard ready for solar panel installation. Read on to find the true cost of going solar, so that you can budget yourself accordingly when getting ready for the big switch.

Pre-Installation Costs

Before getting your system installed, you need to think about pre-installation costs. This can include tree cutting and brush clearing to open up more sunlight areas on your property.

If you do this work yourself, the cost only includes the rental or purchasing of equipment. Professional tree removal companies can charge thousands of dollars per tree. If you need to knock down a few, this can be a large added expense.

If you are choosing a roof-mounted system you may also need to verify the integrity of your roof. This could mean repairing, or even replacing your roof to ensure it can support the added weight of a solar panel system.

Contact a roofer for an exact estimate. On average, replacing a roof costs between $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of your roof, your geographic location, and the materials you choose to use.

Costs of Solar Panel Installation Companies 

One of the first steps in going solar is choosing among reputable solar panel installers to find one that meets your needs and budget. Ask them for an estimate during the initial consultation.

Do some research to find out what system works best for your household. On average, the average cost of a 5,000-watt system, including installation, is $20,000 in the United States

There are also many state and federal clean energy tax credits available for solar panel installation. This can save you thousands of dollars and help your system pay for itself in no time.

Also, you may want to add a battery system to allow your system to function off-grid and store additional energy for your consumption. The costs of battery systems vary. 

The average price for the battery itself is between $5000 to $7000 with the total fees including installation running you between $11,000 to $18,000. Make sure to plan your budget accordingly if you do indeed want a battery system as well.

While these initial installation costs seem steep, with tax credits they are totally manageable for most homeowners. Besides, once your system is up and running, it may produce more electricity than you use.

In this case, depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to sell energy back to the grid which results in a cash pay-out or at least energy credits for yourself. This will help your system pay for its high installation costs in the long run.

Embrace the Sun’s Natural Energy

Going solar is a major step in not only your energy independence but also in our planet’s collective goal of environmentalism. There are many solar panel installation companies to choose from, so make sure to shop around.

Ask a professional for an estimate and find one that best suits your needs today. For all of your other news and information, make sure to check out the rest of our page!


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