How To Bring More Natural Elements Into Your Home

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How To Bring More Natural Elements Into Your Home

Surrounding ourselves with the natural world is essential for personal health, pro-environmental behavior, and overall well-being. However, when we are hopping from building to building to go to work, see friends, or shop for necessities, it can make Mother Earth seem like a passerby.

When you aren’t able to get outside, you can bring the outdoors to you. Here is how to bring more natural elements into your home.


There are two main ways to bring more spark to your home: sunlight and candles. During the day, it’s critical to open the curtains to allow as much sunlight in as possible. Even if it’s not direct sunshine, natural light still helps regulate sleep and uplift our mood.

At night for your light source, start to use candles, put your current lamps on a dimmer, or use string lights. Tea light candles are perfect because they can be in a candle holder or directly on a surface like a bathroom counter.


Keep your home design spacious and regularly clean surfaces. Cleared countertops are relaxing for the mind. Open the windows as much as possible throughout the year, so the air doesn’t get stale. If you enjoy the smell, light some incense. The dancing smoke can be particularly meditative to watch.


This is the most effortless element to incorporate into your house. Grow a variety of plants of all species and sizes, even hanging them at different heights. Vines represent growth and change in biophilic design.

Propagate plants you already have or get some clippings from friends. Herbs are lovely and simple additions to your kitchen. Pick some wildflowers on a walk a change them out every few weeks as the seasons change. Give your living room a glow-up by creating some homemade décor like wreaths or mandalas made with branches, leaves, tree bark, flowers, bones, or rocks.


Finding or building a water feature for your home or yard is a great way to bring more natural elements into your home. The trickling sound is peaceful to listen to and helps fill the space with serenity. If you know where to install large outdoor fountains in your house, you will definitely appreciate how their placement increases the aesthetic value of your home. An aquarium is another idea to include nature in your house. Using an essential oil diffuser is fantastic to make your home smell lovely while adding a little bit of mist for ambiance.

Play around with whatever elements you’re missing to make your home the sanctuary you need.

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